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Final bugfixes coming to an end

Final bugfixes coming to an end published on 1 Comment on Final bugfixes coming to an end

It’s getting late, but I just wanted to record for myself that today I finished the following tasks/fixed the following bugs:

  1. Finished the –announce function as a copy & paste feature
  2. I think I have hunted down and changed all non UTF-8 characters in the code, but I still need to test it to be sure
  3. I implemented a couple of safe guards against the repeated keys bug. I am not sure how to solve it, as it seems more a limitation of BASH than anything else.
  4. Fixed the item found bug, now everything is totally random!
  5. Fixed a colour bug I had "featured in" with the previous –announce
  6. Fixed a bug where enemies wouldn’t flee at all, and adjusted the settings for this. Enemies now flee if they’ve lost half their original health and have less health than the hero.
  7. Commented all debug cheats used in testing
  8. Fixed Load character screens. They make more sense now, but aren’t perfect.
  9. Finished the licensing screens. This turned out alright.
  10. Changed the Credits page to be more informative.

That’s it for tonight! I had hoped to push out some code this evening, but I have a couple of more tests to run before I can consider it ready. Current version is 1.0 if nothing terrible happens!

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