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Back in a Minute 1st Feedback Release, version 1.2.3

Back in a Minute 1st Feedback Release, version 1.2.3 published on No Comments on Back in a Minute 1st Feedback Release, version 1.2.3

Since I released the game to various sites, I have had some really nice feedback and some really constructing thoughts regarding *sh cross-compatibility and POSIX compliance. These changes + some game suggestions have made it into this (late) First Feedback Release, version 1.2.3.

DOWNLOAD version 1.2.3
You can download the latest version by heading to the download page!
If you enjoy a little BASH, you may browse code directly. Git is so cool, ’cause you can even view all the changes:)

CODE CHANGES in version 1.2.3:

  1. Fixed the $GAMEDIR variable to use $HOME global variable
  2. POSIX: I’ve changed all arithmetic expressions to use (( format ))
  3. POSIX: NO MORE BACKTICKS! Changed to proper $(encapsulation)
  4. All expr calls have been substituted with echo
  5. Fixed bug where enemy could flee even if he has negative health
  6. Fixed bug where fight would continue after resurrection even if enemy health was 0
  7. Fixed a bug with the date
  8. Fixed a horrible map bug I had introduced in code cleaning
  9. I have changed all SETs to READs use $1 $2 .. variables where applicable

GAME CHANGES in version 1.2.3:

  1. Increased risk of being attacked while Resting
  2. Added penalty for CTRL+Chickening out during battles (-20HP & -20EXP)
  3. Removed Rolls for events on first move after loading a new or saved character
  4. Changed the enemy flee thresholds

Some TODOs or things to consider:

  • Change functionality of HERO start location so people don’t have to enter the code to change it. This can be done by adding a command line argument, or simply by allowing more data to be saved in the character sheet..
  • Consider changing Fight mode actions from just (R)oll to (R)oll or (F)lee.
  • Possibly add dungeons (would require more maps:)
  • Possibly add a quest mode
  • TEST on OSX..(I don’t have one so any feedback is appreciated.)
  • Run it through’s BASH checker..
  • Swap out wget with curl

I want to send a big thank you to all who have been playing and providing great feedback! I have learned a lot more about making things more shell agnostic, and aim to a higher level of POSIX compliance than I had ever dreamed of. It is also very good to receive positive feedback from GNU/Linux users who enjoy playing Back in a minute:)

I hope this game brings some joy back to the F/OSS community! Thank you!

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