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Back in a Minute 2nd Feedback Release, version 1.3

Back in a Minute 2nd Feedback Release, version 1.3 published on No Comments on Back in a Minute 2nd Feedback Release, version 1.3

There are some minor and some major changes in the new release! Again, I am humbly thankful for all constructive feedback, and all positive gaming experiences that I’ve been told about. This release fixes some bugs but also changes some important gameplay related aspects (see posts below) that people have suggested or complained about. I am very satisfied with this version 1.3.

DOWNLOAD version 1.3
Download the latest release from the download page.
I also added the older versions for archiving purposes at the git repository, where you can also inspect the code.

CHANGELOG for version 1.3:

  1. FIXED a bug so now the Guardian Angel resurrection works as intended
  2. Removed all wget instances with curl for greater compatibility
  3. CODE: Consolidated Dice functions to one, thanks to kastian for code suggestion!
  4. CODE: Ran it through Shellchecker and did a lot of code cleanup. Apparently I have been over-quoting my code, e.g. “This is “$AVARIABLE” day” should be “This is $AVARIABLE day”. 472 warnings of that sort fixed, and the remaining 4 warnings pertain to the parsing of the map file. To fix these will require major overhaul replacing sed with awk. I’m putting this on the back burner at the moment.
  5. FIXED bug where player’s successful flee would constitute CTRL+C penalty
  6. ADDED a Howto instructional page on the Credits page


  1. OPTIONAL custom Home variable: If there is a present in $GAMEDIR the player will be asked if he wants to start at the default location C2 or somewhere else. The input is sanity checked, but nothing is foolproof. Note that HOME variable doesn’t have to be a HOME (H) scenario in the map file itself..! It is the H scenario that inherits the properties, not the $HOME variable. (E.g. a map can have several Home sectors, but only 1 starting position $HOME.)
  2. CHANGED the Move North, West, South and East buttons to W,A,S,D for gamer compatibility:)
  3. CHANGE sector mechanics so that you can now press W,A,S,D in the SECTOR menu directly, without having to go to map first. However, if you now press a non-declared button this will be taken as a travel/move! E.g. If you hit ‘l’ or ‘x’ at any sector, you will loiter, or walk in a circle.

Here’s the added HOWTO play page for the main menu:

HOW TO PLAY Back in a Minute

Go to Main Menu and hit (P)lay and enter the NAME of the character you want
to create or whose character sheet you want to load (case-sensitive).
You enter the World of Back in a Minute. The first sector is Home.

Each sector gives you these action alternatives:
(C)haracter sheet: Toggle Character Sheet
(R)est: Sleep to gain health points
(M)ap and travel: Toggle Map to find yourself, items and to travel
(Q)uit: Save current status and quit the world of Back in a Minute
Use W, A, S, D keys to travel North, West, South or East directly.

Travelling and resting involves the risk of being attacked by the creatures
inhabiting the different scenarios. Some places are safer than others.

I appreciate all the brilliant feedback you guys are sending in, to suggest game changes or features and to provide a critical look at the code. This makes it easier to justify all the hours I’ve spend making it up until now and into the future. And thanks for playing!

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