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Back in a Minute 3rd Feedback Release, version 1.3.6

Back in a Minute 3rd Feedback Release, version 1.3.6 published on No Comments on Back in a Minute 3rd Feedback Release, version 1.3.6

This release saw the continued input from Biamin player and hacker Kastian! I am happy to receive great BASH code feedback as well as Tolkien-founded critique of the game itself. This release sees new bug fixes but also developments toward re-newing my legacy code that I have never bothered to change, as well as 2 major game changes. I am currently approaching the first deadline in my MA thesis, so unless there are major bugs in this release I haven’t discovered yet, I won’t be able to push out new code until mid-April. Feel free to use the bug reporting "system" or shoot me an e-mail over at the feedback page. Thanks for playing!

DOWNLOAD version 1.3.6
Download the latest release from the download page.
I also added the older versions for archiving purposes at the git repository, where you can also inspect the code.
See updated Biamin installation procedure.

GAME CHANGES in version 1.3.6:

  1. $GAMEDIR variable changed from $HOME/Games/Biamin to $HOME/.biamin. Please move your existing files there, or if you want to keep your current settings, change LINE 10 in the CONFIGURATION part of the script. You can always check which directory you’re configured to use by running biamin –help or –help. Kastian among others have noted how my $GAMEDIR was not up to UNIX standards, which is true. This was just the setup I used in my Fedora setup:)
  2. Players can now (F)lee during battle! Several players have pointed out how while enemies can flee, players cannot, is unfair.
  3. RACE Adjustments: Thanks to Kastian’s input, the HOBBIT now plays more like a rogue, with the following characteristics: Healing 4, Strength 1, Accuracy 4 and Flee 3. The racial characteristics are rolled against D6. See RACE sheet below for reference.

CHANGELOG for version 1.3.6:

  1. ADDED a config file for game configuration! Users won’t need to look at the beautiful code:)
  2. FIXED the color config loop present in versions 1.3 and made it more simple
  3. ADDED automatic setup of $GAMEDIR instead of bugging users to create it
  4. FIXED a bug in the funeral date string when character dies
  5. FIXED a bug in race selection where hitting any character besides 1-4 would set that unknown character as race designator. THANKS to Kastian for finding this bug!
  6. Kastian sent two code optimizations reducing my grep+sed invocations to just using sed. Much appreciated!
  7. ADDED –install argument which adds a biamin() function to your ~/.bashrc
  8. Removed erroneous select statements and swapped ’em out with case statements

Preliminary TODO list:

  1. Add sensible configuration of gamedir (requires permanent file, atm)
  2. REPLACE all gawk instances with awk for compatibility.. easier said than done!
  3. TEST on OSX.. I don’t have any Apple products so any feedback is appreciated.
  4. Possibly add dungeons (would require more mapping:P)
  5. Possibly add a quest mode

New RACE characteristics (or game difficulty/styles)

Healing: 3/6 Healing: 4/6 Healing: 2/6 Healing: 4/6
Strength: 3/6 Strength: 3/6 Strength: 5/6 Strength: 1/6
Accuracy: 3/6 Accuracy: 4/6 Accuracy: 3/6 Accuracy: 4/6
Flee: 3/6 Flee: 1/6 Flee: 2/6 Flee: 3/6


Dice rolls on each turn. Accuracy also initiative. Healing during resting.

The idea is that each RACE is also a difficulty level OR a gaming style. Playing as human is "normal" in both respects. Playing as Dwarf gives you more power, but healing is slower. Playing the Elf characters will give you better accuracy and faster healing. While Hobbit, thanks to Kastian, reflects Tolkien’s works better now, and provides the game play of avoiding battles and healing. Remember that finding ITEMS adjusts your abilities accordingly, so this makes for an interesting variety of options, challenges and developments.

This version of Back in a minute saw many suggestions from the community come to code. I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for playing!

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