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Visit the git project page at We have 3 repositories for the 3 different series of Biamin:

  • code: contains the full game (official releases or major versions in archive folder)
  • gpl-only: contains the game without CC licensed artwork (stable versions only)
  • legacy: contains the 1.x series, viz. the original version, of the game (bugfixes only)

If you’re looking for the best biamin experience, we recommend the full game. Follow the instructions below to download and "install" the full game. The procedure will download and install to ~/.biamin, make it executable, and add an alias to your .bashrc file so that from now on, you can just enter ‘biamin’ in your terminal emulator!

DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Back In A Minute (full version)
$ mkdir $HOME/.biamin && cd $HOME/.biamin
$ # download using git
$ git clone
$ cp biamin/ .
$ # or simply grab raw text file
$ wget
$ # in either case, install the game by
$ chmod +x
$ ./ -i

Alternatively, use biamin-legacy.git or biamin-gpl.git instead of biamin.git for LEGACY or GPL-only versions respectively. Read more about the different editions here.

Getting UPDATES (currently deprecated)
$ biamin --update

See also line 22 to change which git repository (code, legacy or gpl-only) to receive updates from. If you have the legacy edition, but want the full RPG experience, change line 22 REPO_EDITION=”legacy” to REPO_EDITION=”code” or vice-versa. Changing series will change, add or remove fields in your character sheets!

The game itself can display the LICENSE file using either wget or curl by starting the game, hit (C)redits and (L)icense. Follow the instructions.

This Code is Free Software and released under the GNU General Public License version 3. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. ASCII Artwork is Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licensed. Click here for licensing details.