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A long time ago, the infamous klaatu of GNU World Order fame, recommended to me for a free and GNU friendly git host. I’ve been using them since, but the business model of (free) code hosting is a difficult problem to solve (just look at the recent Sourceforge scandals), and I was sad to receive an e-mail from them early this year about their closing down.

Gitorious was bought by Gitlab, a relatively well-known competitor of I’ve been discussing the move with Kastian for a while, and after trying out some alternatives, we ended up going for Here’s the current repo layout on github:

The main repo is the development version with current master (releases) and dev (development) branches. It will probably also contain some drafts of text-only documents for the background history, bestiary etc. in the future. The GPL only repository is provided as a courtesy for those who only want to look at/use/clone the Biamin «game engine» without any Creative Commons licensed artwork. The GPL version follows the official release cycle, with a short delay. The Legacy repo is provided for my own nostalgia, and contains the final version of the original game. It will only receive bugfixes.

The guys at are kind enough to continue hosting the static pages that are there now, and we’ve added a notice on each repo header to inform about the move to github.

Naturally, the move to github broke our update script, but that stopped working when we changed the branch models of the main repository. In order to future-safe the update script, I’ll be looking at using for hosting the release versions, regardless of code/git host. That’s all for now, more news to come shortly!

Created gitorious project with 2 repos for biamin

Created gitorious project with 2 repos for biamin published on No Comments on Created gitorious project with 2 repos for biamin

I’ve created a project for Back in a minute on gitorious with 2 repos: Code and GPL-only. The latter is for those purists who wants to browse or use the GPL v. 3 licensed code without the tacked on Creative Commons licensed artwork. The former contains the full game, and I expect this is the repo that will see any use.


There is still no code up there, but I’ll see whether I get the time to push some code up there before New Year’s Eve. Anyway, merry Christmas! Go have a good meal and some Christmas ale and check back in here in a few days. See ya!