Just a little note here..

The voting does not begin until the 1st of November, and if I´ve said something else before then it is overruled respectively by this message.

How to vote? Don´t treat me like an amateur, I´ve got it all sorted out; I´ve made a poll which hasn´t been made available to the public yet, but it will be. It is cookie-enabled, meaning that it feeds your computer with a cookie (a small, innocent textfile) when you´ve voted which should make it difficult to vote several times. If your browser isn´t cookie-enabled, you should fix this in the browser settings or else you might miss your chance to support your female:)

I´ve done this to prevent bat-voting (using a self-written program to vote for you again and again and again), to make the competition funnier. Now, this does not mean that it is illegal to vote more than once. If you like 3 out of 12 girls, you should vote for all of them:)

And this is important: DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR VOTE(s)!

Ready to go? (Or ready to come?)

It´s the 28th of October which means it is only two days left to the previously announced voting of Sigg3 dot net´s official female of the year 2003. Here´s a little update to keep you up-to-date on the femmes.

Through a timeconsuming screeningprocess, I was able to choose 12 beautiful females from the women of the world. Each one of them represent a month of the year. The completed list looks likes this:

  1. January: Christina Ricci
  2. February: Anck Su Namun
  3. March: t.A.T.u
  4. April: Anna Paquin
  5. May: Princess Leia
  6. June: Katie Holmes
  7. July: Angelina Jolie
  8. August: Jenna Jameson
  9. September: Alyssa Milano
  10. October: Mili Avital
  11. November: Alizee Jacotey
  12. December: Milla Jovovich

Now, if you want to read the unjustified justification of just why only these femmes were selected, check out the Female of the day Category. Now, spread the word afar, drop a few lines to your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, co-workers, lawyers, husbands and wives, lovers, ex-lovers and their lovers and ex-lovers and so on and so fort; to ensure a democratic decision on who gets to be the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003! Thank you.

Questions? E-mail me!

Presenting the last female of the day: Milla Jovovich

That´s right! The last one of the twelve representative females of Sigg3 dot net 2003 is finally ready for exposure. It´s another one of my personal favourites, especially from the movie Fifth Element where she plays a supreme being known as Leelo. Ladies and gents! We´re talking about: Milla Jovovich!

Milla Jovovich in the 5th Element

Now all the 12 combating females have entered the game, and it will be up to you to decide who is going to wear the title and responsibility as the official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003. Get a good look at all the women at the female of the day category or just the simplified list, and make up your mind. The voting begins the 1st of November if nothing goes wrong, so please prepare yourself! Can it get more exciting than this?? Didn´t think so…

More pictures of Milla from the 5th Element and other movies

Female of the day by request: Alizee Jacotay

This French beauty is in the one-in-a-lifetime class of beauty, and I must say that I think she will be one of the strongest candidates when the voting begins. She was requested by DJ Metz.

Alizee Jacotay!

She´s a 19 year old singer from the island of Corsica, and begun very early to gaze towards the showbiz. When she was 16 she released her first track, "Moi Lolita", and in two years she´d sold 4 million copies and received numerous prizes. This gal is hereby qualified to join in on Sigg3 dot net´s Female of the year 2003 contest. Congratulations.

More images: Dark queen | Give us a smile! | Red and hot! | Official homepage

Female of the day: Mili Avital

Have you ever seen Stargate? Yes? Then you must’ve wondered who that beautiful girl playing Sha’Uri is! Her name is Mili Avital, a jewish actress borned in Jerusalem and raised in Ra’anana (not far from Tel Aviv).

Mili Avital

But this beautiful, Isreali princess just doesn’t show up in Action movies. Oh, no. In pseudo-western Dead Man also starring Johnny Depp she is the root of all action, the very reason Johnny Depp is forced to run away and live a life on the run… Nuff said!

She’s not a very known actress, however, so you will probably find just a few pages about her on the web. Luckily, I’ve found the best place to dig further into the world of Mili Avital’s beauty; Mili Avital, the sensual delight. (I knew the host of this page a couple of years ago, when I too decided to make a Mili Avital fanpage. The project was rejected by my timeschedule though..)

Mili Avital in: Dead Man | Stargate | Miscellanous pics

Female of the day by request: Alyssa Milano!

Alyssa Milano!?

I have absolutely no idea what this girl did on my list of the 12 contestants, but she looks good and has played in a large amount of movies, which at least should make her qualified*. Smuffy requested her as an essential face in any top-notch-women contests, and I bowed to his wish. We’ll have to wait and see how this cat does when the voting begins….!

* a list of qualifications will be found later on Sigg3 dot net

Female and feminist of the day: Jenna Jameson

Female? Feminist? YES! Jenna Jameson (a.k.a Jennifer Marie Massoli), worldwide pornstar and feminist earned her own special seat among the Sigg3 dot net‘s "Female of the year 2003" candidates. The number of candidates has now risen to 8, which means that we’ve 4 good girls to go.

Jenna Jameson, Sigg3 dot net's female of the year?

Believe you me, the competition will be hard, having tasted the goods… Some readers of Sigg3 dot net has written to me and asked how I can justify an abuse of the feminin sex at the rate I am, and I had to answer that I thought of this feature as an important factor in the ongoing struggle for women rights. In that sense, I decided to include one of the most well known feminists; Jenna Jameson! Enjoy!

Additional info about Jenna: biography @ ActressGallery.com

Female of the day (by threat): Angelina Jolie

That’s right! Sigg3 dot net has been flooded with suggestions since I published the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year competition. Today’s lucky winner was djMIB who suggested: Angelina Jolie! This gal has got something, but you can’t really put your finger on them – eh, I mean it. Congratulations, Angie!

Angelina Jolie
Click this link if you want the large version to lighten up your home!

Now, there’s more for you today. Since I’m moving some day next week, all the stuff -including the computer I’m sitting at now- will be packed away somewhere. This means that I won’t have the same access to my server when I’m around travelling. No, I don’t have a laptop, yet. – What does all this mean, you ask? Well, it means that I will keep on updating you with useless information on where I am and what I’m doing, but there will be less images and stuff like that.

But it also means that the rest of the females will have to be uploaded tonight, or something similar. If I release the finished list, all in all 12 rivals, I’ll also give you access to the voteHQ where you’ll vote for your candidate. I haven’t decided on what to do just now, but I’ll get back to you on that one tonight or never. See ya!

Female of the day (by request) : Katie Holmes!

One of Sigg3 dot net readers suggested Dawson’s Creek‘s Katie Holmes. I’ve never seen a single episode of this farspread show, but I can imagine it must be something in-between "Friends" and "Passions". And I really like "Passions":)

Katie Holmes

So I checked her out. Here’s an extract from my preliminary report:
"Katie Holmes a.k.a Katherine Noelle Holmes was born December 18th, 1978. Clothing Size – A size 4, cute smile, funny ears. Starred in Bob Dylan’s musicvideo Things have changed in 2000. Likes chocolate and caffeine. Oh, sounds like my kind of girl:)"

More news about the Female of the year election coming up soon! Check out the list, as of now!

(You’d like to check out Katieholmespictures.com!)
(The reader wishes to remain anonymous, but you can visit his website here!)