A new feature:)

That’s right, Sigg3 dot net is expanding, and this time with a feature that will guarantee some entertainment: Female of the day.

I’m working on a little script that will popup here this evening, (so stay tuned,) on your right-hand side of the page. Just hang on, and you’ll see.

What’s the deal? The deal is to vote forward a representative woman who you think is worthy the title of Sigg3 dot net female of the year. The voting will not begin until we’ve 12 representative females to choose from. Right now we’ve 4 candidates (well, really 5, but we count them as 4):

Stay tuned for more news about this!! Also, feel free to suggest females that you think are fit for the job!

Female of the day!

Female of the day is actress Christina Ricci!!
Why? Her feminine charm, beautiful and innocent emission makes my blood pump faster. No, that’s not it. I just like her in Sleepy Hollow not to mention the gothrole in Adams Family.

Christina Ricci   Christina Ricci

More images of today’s chosen one: Polarcap, Dark alley (97) and Wet ‘n’ sexy.
btw, there will be a poll coming up, to vote forward Sigg3 dot net’s official woman of the year. More about it later!

(It has been argued that Sigg3 dot net "exploits exposed, young females of the human species to the page’s own benefit." In addition, feminist movements have sent their complaints to FBI’s websurveillance team in order to legally have the page removed from the face of the internet. Arguments such as "Sigg3 dot net poses a threat to women’s liberation" are often found spraypainted over Sigg3’s house or car, but I (Sigg3) can assure you that you’re totally mistaken. In order to make more machosists to comprehend the feministissues, you must show tits. Yep. In that sense, Sigg3 dot net is making the world a better place!)

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