Opensource religion: Yoism

I came across this article at Wikipedia‘s Village pump (discussionsite). Yo is the world’s first opensource religion, actually. Here’s what they say about opensource religion:
"Yo’s core doctrine and beliefs are created and refined as Open Source documents. Like the Open Directory and Open Law projects, which take after the Open Source movement, Open Source Spirituality endeavors to harness the power of Internet communication to cultivate and develop the most thoughtful, meaningful, and moving religious inspirations that have ever existed. No longer must humanity be chained to the limited beliefs found in the neighborhood of each individual’s birth and growth. The Internet enables a spiritual community to form in which the best in human thought and insight can be available to everyone, wherever they live."

Read more about it at: Wikipedia: Yoism or The Yoism website

Great homestarrunner dot net (it's dot com!) update!!

First of all, check out the latest Strongbad e-mail, pretty funky shit. Click the protected by the copyright law image of Strongbad below.


Then, you should also check out the new characters page, where you can watch great introductions to all the characters of Strongbadia:)
Here’s the ones I recommend the most: Strongbad | The Cheat | Homestarrunner

Link of the day

The link of the day was submitted to fix.en.eagle.and.child (FIX) by sysop Nixon, and as I found the contents very interesting and a "funny fact" I was unaware of, I thought I’d share it with ya’ll. It is a Wikipedia dot org article about Richard Weaver a.k.a the Handshake Man. Appearently he’s clever enough to dodge the Secret Service without, to my knowledge, any particular inside information:

Wikipedia: The Handshake Man | The Handshake Man’s official website (under construction)

The Art of Being

Sigg3 o 0 ( Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible! – Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968 )

This post is dedicated to Bryan Mayo, a thinking human being I’ve been lucky enough to get in touch with. The Art of Being is a website-project he revealed to me just now. I find it very interesting, and if anyone of you were wondering what you will find @, it will most probably be something similar.

Links of today: Bryan Mayo’s The Art of Being (under construction) and a wiki-article on Situationism which has nothing to do with anything, and of course Mayo’s article that I’ve discussed previously; Drawbacks of Philosophical Understandings. You’d also like to check out this nice poem; Potassium by surrealist Daniel C. Boyer.