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Happy Birthday Elvis!

It’s the little guy’s birthday today! Typing on a cell so this will be short and sweet; Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Why are you bothering me?

It’s hard to understand that we have had our Boston Terrier for two years. When I think of earlier days, it’s like he’s there with us.

He’s an annoying, little bastard; but just the same, full of love and joy. I’m visiting family in the west, and I miss his snoring already.

A late morning walk with Elvis
Nice autumn walk today
It’s terrible to realize that such a great display of nature, _still_ makes me think of Windows XP..

Hint, hint
Are you still watching TV?
So dude, are you still trying to watch TV?

PACMAN Sausages!
PACMAN Sausages!
PACMAN Sausages for my spaghetti n’ ketchup dish!

Razor gaming mouse
Razor Gaming Mouse
The mouse on my gaming rig is getting too laggy by wear, so I got this puppy on sale!
Now I just need some actual free time to game in…

Love those trees
Love those trees
‘Twas a beautiful day in autumn