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Magic & Loss – RIP Lou Reed

This Saturday we got a little tipsy celebrating an aunt of Lady C, and when we got home our upstairs neighbor was having a party, playing mostly club music. "We can do better than this!" I said defiantly, much to C’s chagrin.

I started with some Pearl Jam to warm up, before proceeding to Tom Waits and Lou Reed.

Lou Reed passed away at the age of 71 from complications following a liver transplant. When I saw him live in 2005, he was showing a lot of signs of his early life, but he was honest and generous, almost humble to play for us; and he still rocked!

Lou Reed is a mentor and an inspiration to everyone in music. He changed popular music by always reinventing himself. From The Velvet Underground to The Raven, Reed kept us on our toes, and changed the boundaries of rock music. Rest in peace, my old friend.

UPGRADE: Crescent and other old sites are up!

I found my pages on a USB hard disk drive laying around here. That was a close call, since my former host had deleted their backups of my stuff. Anyway, these old pages include notably:

I’ll re-up the two KIM tracks when I finally get around to putting the Crescent recordings online. But now I have to let that sweet, tender BBQ meat Lady C made for us sink in first.


My good friend tipped me about this short flick feat. Inspector Norse with music by Todd Terje. I think it nicely captures quiet life of most towns in Norway, how everyone wants to move into the big city when they’re young (like I did), and the mountain of stuff you never got to do making you feel like a failure.

* For you non-Norwegians, it’s not a documentary, but a short film. No bad days.

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Belivers

Finished my 1st of 3 exams this semester today. Not an important one, but I got to read a lot of Ancient Greek history and an introduction to Homer and Greek culture. Right now I’m listening to this shit, and just had to share. It’s the title music from Broen (The Bridge); Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers. It’s a great track:)

It was a multiple-task exam, which is highly unusual for me, but I answered those I could. The last question was not within my reach. We got a long excerpt from some Roman text and was asked who wrote it, to whom and what’s the motivation. I simply wrote:

Music from our time in Habana, Cuba 2003

Here’s a list of music videos that me and my friends in ANCEP/Gateway College listened to while we stayed in Habana del Este, Cuba, for three months in the fall of 2003. Sometimes, music can wake old memories to life. There are some really great songs in there! .. and some really shitty ones. Enjoy!

The video features in order of appearance:

  1. Sean Paul – Get Busy;
  2. La Ley – Mas alla;
  3. The Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love?;
  4. Beyoncé & Jay-Z – Crazy In Love;
  5. The Mars Volta – Inertiatic ESP;
  6. Chingy – Right Thurr;
  7. Control Machete – BIEN BIEN;
  8. Thalia Ft Fat Joe – Me Pones Sexy;
  9. OutKast – Hey Ya!;
  10. Panda – Ya no jalaba ;
  11. 50 Cent – P.I.M.P. (Snoop Dogg Remix) ft. Snoop Dogg, G-Unit;
  12. Alejandro Sanz – No Es Lo Mismo;
  13. Molotov – Frijolero;
  14. 50 Cent – In Da Club;
  15. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army;
  16. La Ley – Amate y Salvate;
  17. Gustavo Cerati – Cosas Imposibles;
  18. Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body;
  19. Evanescence – Going Under;
  20. Johnny Cash – Hurt;
  21. Metallica – St. Anger 
  22. Kashmir – Surfing The Warm Industry 
  23. Cafi Tacuba – Ingrata 
  24. Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow 

For the sake of integrity, I should add that the mother of one of my room mates had insisted he bring along a 1979 recording of Tom Waits live in Sydney (a.k.a Fast Women Slow Horses) — which opened up the whole world of Tom Waits bootlegs to me. Someone should marry her.

If you’re not into music (granted it remains a possibility somehow) or if you are simply deaf, you can boggle at these chosen blog posts I wrote during my stay, in reversed order.

It’s like walking into the livingroom the day after a party.. Alcohol and cigarettes everywhere. As well as that ball of nausea in my throat. The superficial thumps of salsa and screams of seagulls in the distance… Oh well. You live and you learn! At any rate, you live

What's he building in there?

Tom Waits has been spamming us with mysterious blog pics lately, all marked COMING AUGUST 7.

There are rumours about a Tom Waits tour, or even a new album, but to me the pictures clearly indicate that ANTI will be opening some sort of Tom Waits theme park down in Florida — Tom’s World — for especially troubled children. Permission to come aboard? We will know tomorrow.

Waits' Bad As Me at a first glance

You couldn’t have possibly missed Tom Waits’ new album Bad As Me, and lo and behold if it wasn’t just the one that fell into my possession from a crooked crow’s nest this early afternoon.

Tom Waits follows on the same trail he’s been pursuing since Real Gone, minus the heavy percussions, with 16 well-written albeit short tunes that may prove better suited for radio play than recent releases. The poetical though cynical justice flows like it did during the red rainstorms of Blood Money, with clear musical scars from the hard-to-swallow Mule Variations.

When Get Lost looks back to a an imaginary E. Presley we feel the cheap taste of bourbon on the edge and underneath our oratory organs, just the way Waits should do. Then with Face to the Highway we catch a glimpse of the roadside romantic that we all know, but not long enough to taint the sad text of Pay Me.

There’s definitely more musical harmony in this album as compared to MV; a nicely tuned accordion, violin, piano, guitars and glockenspiel bring the point across. I even get guitaric vibes from The Shadows. The slow ballad Back In The Crowd paves the way for Bad As Me that must really kick your gut in a live performance. Though not the strongest song on this record, Kiss Me puts us back in the 70′s.

There’s definitely a little Alice in the mix. The aggression of Hell Broke Luce really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it’s a songful of fear and loathing. Come New Year’s Eve you have a lump in your throat.

I bought the deluxe edition that naturally won’t fit in my CD shelves and will have to stay out of sight, with the ever-so-artistic Radiohead special editions. I’ll have to get a 2nd normal edition for the shelves. I do like the book though. I was standing in front of the stereo listening to the music and reading the music, and it occurred to me that I was holding the album like a preacher holds the Holy Bible — like some kind of magical weapon against evil. As usual, it’s great to hear Tom Waits again, and I look forward to his next album.
For some reason, there’s a lot of Keith Richards in this release.