Pollresults on internet prisoners

It was a good surprise waiting for me, when I today went to check out the final poll-count regarding the Chinese prisoners of the ‘net. I was a bit concerned about what kind of people who was reading my blog, in the list of servers visiting this site, the US Army server is frequently observed in my statistics… But this was wrong of me! Just check this out:

What do you think about the imprisonment of the 54 Chinese websurfers?
It’s clearly a violation of the human rights: 85%
It’s another proof of Communism’s true nature: 15%
It suits them just fine: 0%
It rocks: 0%
I don’t have an opinion or choose not to speak: 0%

I was concerned that the American readers of Sigg3 dot net would go for a total vote-out against Communism, but only 15 percent thought that this was a "proof of Communism’s true nature". This kind of information blockout has nothing to do with Communism, it has to do with fear. The rest of the votes, 85%, were very clear, stating that this actually is a violation of the human rights. Thank you.

This reminds me.. My brother was downloading a Donald Duck movie, or so he thought, and when he opened it, it turned out to be some old Walt Disney anti-nazi propaganda from the 1940’s. It was really interesting, but sickening. Propaganda, when disguised in childrens’ entertainment and not as obvious as it usual is (to the sceptic’s eye), is really disgusting. The last line in this EDUCATIONAL film (as it was titled) went something like: and now the soldier is finished with his education (the "education" mentioned refers to the life of a person in the nazi regime) … his education of DEATH. Sickening. If you want to read more about propaganda, I suggest that you check out Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. There was a reason for Hitler being so good at it..

Poll #4: On internet prisoners

"According to Amnesty International’s records, by January 2004, 54 people had been detained or imprisoned for [expressing their opinions online or for downloading information] – a 60 per cent increase on the November 2002 figures. In addition, an unknown number of people remain in detention for disseminating information about the spread of SARS over the Internet."
From: Amnesty International (click to read more)

Now, this week’s pollquestion is quite political but also quite personal, since most of us are regular users of the internet:
«What do you think about the imprisonment of the Chinese websurfers?»

Pollresults on if we could clone someone famous..

There’s been a shocking 40 votes cast in this election on who we‘d like to see cloned if it was possible. Sigg3 dot net brings you the facts, the results, the truth:

Pauly (from the Tao): 50%
Elvis Presley: 27%
2pac (dead rapper): 7%
Big L (dead rapper no.2): 7%
Certainly not you, Sigg3..: 5%
David Letterman: 2%

I don’t find the results very surprising, though. Noone would like to clone current President of the United States, namely George W. Bush, or Ricky Lake’s darker twin, Oprah. Dead rappers don’t wake much sympathy in the people, maybe we are all just sick of all this shooting around, or maybe hip-hoppers just don’t like visiting my website. For whatever reasons, both of them will stay uncloned. As to David Letterman, some 2% would like to clone him, which I really can’t see the reason of, as he’s probably done it already. I mean, a man at his age (nearly 80!) impregnating his wife? Come on! The 27% of the votes stating that it’s necessary for late King of Rock n’ Roll mr. Elvis Presley to be cloned, didn’t actually hit the air out of me either. There are even those who thinks he ain’t dead yet. (Actually over 500,000 reports on sightings of the King has been filed only in the US, since the tragic loss the world suffered in 1977 when the great star died from a heartattack, only 42 years old.)

The two results we have to focus on, however, are the 5% wanting me to stay uncloned and the breathtaking 50% that wants to see my good friend Pauly cloned. What kind of consequences would this bring if this poll was to determin the historical no.1 cloned human being? Well, we’d have to read twice as much of Pauly’s thoughts, and I can imagine that this also could mean reading the same subway-stories twice, since Pauly’s clone after all was just that. This would bring the internet-traffic of Pauly’s sites down to an approximately 50%, giving Pauly no option but to kill his own clone. Sometimes it is better to leave nature alone, I guess. Or most times, maybe.. It is also worth mentioning that only 5% couldn’t stand the thought of me getting cloned, something I find very odd, because I’d probably end up the same way as Pauly: killing my better/worse/equal half. Thanks for participating!

Poll #3: What famous person should be cloned?

I was reading this old post (from 2002) over @ Pauly‘s when I figured that the question still was open for discussion.

I mean, we’ve had a lot of people claiming to have cloned both this and that, and I remember having read somewhere that people where cloned as far back as in the 1980’s. Yes, I do read alot of "funny" literature.. But what if it’s true? Right? Let’s just for a second here imagine that it actually is true and that we’ve the "power" to clone human beings. Who should be cloned? This is this week’s pollquestion!

3rd. weekly poll: «Who should be cloned?»

Pollresults on "Should last year's nominees of the FOY contest be allowed to participate in FOY 2004?"

The answer is no. Now all I’ve got to do before the contest opens, is to set all the other rules:)

Number of votes: 23. The turnout was better than last time, folks, but we still need some more fuss about this thing. I bet if we’d hired a proffesional hitman, we could’ve voted on "What American politician should get his kneecaps shot off?" and CNN would probably feature Sigg3 dot net on a daily basis… Oh, well. Here’s the stats, anyways:

Should last year’s nominees of the FOY contest be allowed to participate in FOY 2004?
No: 78%
Yes: 13%
I can’t decide: 8%

Poll: Setting the rules of this year's female of the year contest

There has been alot of joy, happiness, irritation and frustration about last year’s contest, its winner, and its rules. As we all know there were three main candidates, and one of them had to win in the end. Despite of George W. Bush’s example in Florida, Sigg3 dot net don’t believe in fixing elections, and that is somehow why I now ask for your help. There were 2 other strong candidates in the race before Christmas, as mentioned, on who wanting to be Sigg3 dot net‘s official female of the year. This is all good.

It has come to my attention, however, that a new contest – excluding last year’s winner (because of Female of the year regulations) – just could turn out to be a rat race (or a femme-race, for that matter) between number 2 and number 3 in last year’s contest. This is what makes you, the people, exposed to this week’s poll question:

« Should last year’s nominees of the FOY contest be allowed to participate in FOY 2004? »

I need your help here, ppl! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read about last year’s contest here. The FOY regulations mentioned above, will be released as soon as I’m done with them! Go ahead and vote!

'Mars rover' poll results

Poll question: « What do you think about the Mars landing? »

It is important for further science.: 33%
It will help us to love each other. Peace!: 25%
It is a great way of spending money.: 16%
It is taking the search for bin Laden way too far!: 16%
It rocks.: 8%
It sucks!: 0%

As we can see, one third of the 12 votes (there should be 1012 votes, people!) acknowledges the scientific importance of the recent Mars landing, and 25% are also quite optimistic about it, thinking it will help us to love each other. It’s only 8% of the people who think ‘it rocks’, though, and I can imagine this has something to do about the media not even trying to make pictures of a vast, red landscape exciting. 32% thinks it’s either a great way of spending (or wasting!) money, or think it represents taking the search for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden way too far. Thanks for participating!

What do you think about the Mars landing?

The recent Mars landing has made it to the Guinnes World of Records by producing 109 million hits on the NASA webpage. To my knowledge, they’re using as much as 1,300 servers to be able to allow visitors to peer through the eyes of that six-wheeled lovemobile, and you should click here to find out why. If you like graphics and sci-fi movies, stop by this animation page with great coverage of the landing, exploring the surface etc.

Just look at the little bugger!

For some of us, however, this might be a bit too much. I mean, houndreds of millions of dollars has been pumped into that Mars-rover, so we have a chance of finding out wether it could have been life there millions of years ago. It is also those who thinks that sending spacecrafts to other planets, paid by mr. and mrs. taxpayer, is taking the search for Osama bin Laden a bit too far. Why can’t we settle for Saddam for the time being?

Hence, the first "Weekly poll" question is:
«What do you think about the Mars landing?»
Thanks for participating!