Just a little note here..

The voting does not begin until the 1st of November, and if I´ve said something else before then it is overruled respectively by this message.

How to vote? Don´t treat me like an amateur, I´ve got it all sorted out; I´ve made a poll which hasn´t been made available to the public yet, but it will be. It is cookie-enabled, meaning that it feeds your computer with a cookie (a small, innocent textfile) when you´ve voted which should make it difficult to vote several times. If your browser isn´t cookie-enabled, you should fix this in the browser settings or else you might miss your chance to support your female:)

I´ve done this to prevent bat-voting (using a self-written program to vote for you again and again and again), to make the competition funnier. Now, this does not mean that it is illegal to vote more than once. If you like 3 out of 12 girls, you should vote for all of them:)

And this is important: DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR VOTE(s)!

Poem of the day

My sister sent me this poem in an e-mail to me. It´s by kubofuturistic Gertrude Stein, enjoy!

    I wish now to wish now that it is now
    That I will tell very well
    What I think not now but now
    Oh yes oh yes now.
    What do I think now
    I think very well of what now
    What is it now it is this now
    How do you do how do you do
    And now how do you do now.
    This which I think now is this.

Ready to go? (Or ready to come?)

It´s the 28th of October which means it is only two days left to the previously announced voting of Sigg3 dot net´s official female of the year 2003. Here´s a little update to keep you up-to-date on the femmes.

Through a timeconsuming screeningprocess, I was able to choose 12 beautiful females from the women of the world. Each one of them represent a month of the year. The completed list looks likes this:

  1. January: Christina Ricci
  2. February: Anck Su Namun
  3. March: t.A.T.u
  4. April: Anna Paquin
  5. May: Princess Leia
  6. June: Katie Holmes
  7. July: Angelina Jolie
  8. August: Jenna Jameson
  9. September: Alyssa Milano
  10. October: Mili Avital
  11. November: Alizee Jacotey
  12. December: Milla Jovovich

Now, if you want to read the unjustified justification of just why only these femmes were selected, check out the Female of the day Category. Now, spread the word afar, drop a few lines to your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, co-workers, lawyers, husbands and wives, lovers, ex-lovers and their lovers and ex-lovers and so on and so fort; to ensure a democratic decision on who gets to be the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003! Thank you.

Questions? E-mail me!

My first baseball match!!

This Saturday I went to see the Baseball WorldCup finals between Cuba and Panama, and I was really excited because it was the first time and all… At first, nearly loosing the oppurtunity to enter the stadium because it was nearly sold out, I just kept both hands on my bag and wallet because of all the ppl. We (me and two friends from campus) climbed to the topside of the stadium, just a little left of the batter (or whatever you call the guy on homebase).

I was very hungry and tired, but I fought against boredom and what not to try to get into the game, which I did after about half an hour or so. First I thought; WHAT? IS THIS BASEBALL? So slow, and all those time-outs. When I got used to it, however, the pace really didn´t matter ´cause I was enjoying myself so much. Here´s what I wrote while there:

   "It´s halftime, 5 out of 10 rounds played and it´s been 2 hours. Now, I´m at Estadio Latinoamericano watching the finals between Cuba and Panama, and I´m talking about baseball. Being the first time and all, it took me some time to get into the game and understand how the score is working. The stadium is really crowded and I guess the outcome of this match will have an impact on Habana at least for the coming week.
   How is it then? It´s an interesting, though timeconsuming game; I guess this match will take at least 4 hours or so. All the time-outs are really annoying, ´cause it could´ve shortened my stay here (and I´m starving!) with 2 thirds of the expected time. The score is currently 2-2 I believe, and it´s Cuba´s turn to hit & run (apologies for not knowing the correct terms). I´ll get back to you if something extraordinary happens."

   "It´s 10:35 p.m and the score is 2-3 (Pan-Cuba). It´s Cuba´s F. Cepeda with an average of 333 to bat.
   As you get more into the game it actually gets exciting! 2 and a half rounds left and anything can happen!
   – I can´t believe it! The score is 2-4, Cepeda just did a homerun!"

The final score was 4-2 to Cuba, and in the 9th round Cuba became world champions all over again. Now, I celebrated all night, but the cubans didn´t and that really made me curious. When I heard the reason I was abashed. They are so used to winning the worldcup, being the best baseballplayers in the world and all is not so exciting when you´ve done it over and over again:)

Anyway, it was a great experience, and when I got into the game it was really entertaining. Every homerun made everyone jump and shout:) The ceremony afterwards was cool too, including the fact that all of the Panama-team ran out into the field to kick ass on this cuban player at second base for some reason.

When they´d calmed things down, the cubans came out with the cuban flag, and a great white banner to show to the world: " NO AL BLOQUE!" I hope you Americans got that…!

    My mouth is empty – I don´t see the words,
  only the meaning of them.
    This girl is staring at me, probably judging me good or bad,
  but I really couldn´t care less.
    My fantasy of the day is to drive a fork into my eyesockets and twist it around,
  just to see what happens.
    I am miserable, and I love it. I know there´s no justification,
  but who cares – as long as I feel good?

Rats on display and quote of the day!

Sunday the 26th of October and the 2nd of November from 12.30 to 15.00 my uncle´s drawings (of rat-people) will be part of an exhibition in Rosegården, Norway.

His drawings are cartoon-like, very personalized and extremely entertaining. He´s published one book, called "Rudolfs lykkelige dag" (en. Rudolf´s happy day, which is very cute. Check out a sample on the following link. A picture he drew of and for me as a birthdaypresent once. Check out his rat-drawing of me:)

Quote of the day I got from a Tom Waits liveconcert and it goes something like this: I remember that it rained all day the day Elvis Presley died. Only a legend can make it do that. I remember that my girl told me we were through and she was going to walk out on me, but Elvis Presley talked her out of it.

Peace out!

Daniel C. Boyer evolves!

I’ve probably boasted before about this American surrealist that I had the pleasure of doing business with this spring, and I guarantee you that it will be more of it.

Right now I suggest you to check out some of his pictures over at Breakingart.com (the scans of his pictures and pieces are gathered all over the ‘net). Especially this one: They Worship With A Tangled Majesty (2002). Enjoy!


So, today, Monday, we (the group) were going to hand in our first group-assignment, 5 computerpages on the hypothetic-deductive method (not sure if it’s spelled right or not). We were so nervous for being picked to present it to the rest of the class, since we hadn’t really prepared for it. I mean, we worked 12 hours on that thing, and it didn’t even cross our minds (more than a couple of times) that we might had to defend it too.

We were sitting there…. Just hanging there…. Waiting, you know….
Bom! Our group didn’t have to!!! YES!!! Is it allowed to be as lucky as we were? I don’t know, and I don’t wanna.

My roommate Nils has been staying with his girl the last week, and it has been really lonely from time to time… :P BUT, tonight or tomorrow he’s coming back! I don’t know if they’re fed up on intimacy, but that’s really none of my goddamned business, so I’ll let it be with that.

Surprisingly, I’ve begun listening to (the best of) Bob Dylan. Alot. That’s right, I know, I know.. But it’s ONE OF THREE quality CD’s my roommates have accomplished to bring with them along with all the crap (-music): Neil Young (can’t remember the name of the album) and a Tom Waits LIVE thingie. There’s not one single evening going by without me thanking someone or something for the blessings I’ve had so far. Concerning the music that is.. Apart from that I think most of the students here agree that we have too tight a schedule to really exploit the situation; being in Cuba and everything.. I mean, we’ve at least two tasks every week, and I really want to travel… Well, that’s it for today. You ain’t getting more of me just as of now, see, ‘cus I wanna finish my Spanishtask on Cuba and sleep for as long as possible.. Even though I know it ain’t gonna happen… Umpf!

Presenting the last female of the day: Milla Jovovich

That´s right! The last one of the twelve representative females of Sigg3 dot net 2003 is finally ready for exposure. It´s another one of my personal favourites, especially from the movie Fifth Element where she plays a supreme being known as Leelo. Ladies and gents! We´re talking about: Milla Jovovich!

Milla Jovovich in the 5th Element

Now all the 12 combating females have entered the game, and it will be up to you to decide who is going to wear the title and responsibility as the official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003. Get a good look at all the women at the female of the day category or just the simplified list, and make up your mind. The voting begins the 1st of November if nothing goes wrong, so please prepare yourself! Can it get more exciting than this?? Didn´t think so…

More pictures of Milla from the 5th Element and other movies