Ready to go?

Today I’m just wrapping up all the things that I haven’t done yet. I fixed the financial part of it, without having to sell drugs or anything:) I just reached the bookstore where they had ONE copy left of one of the books I’ll have to check out this fall, and now I’m just cruising around the internet looking for something to do. Well, that’s not entirely true. I haven’t begun to organize all the stuff I’m taking with me and all the stuff I’m leaving behind, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Yesturday I finished Peter Wessel Zapffe‘s On the tragic and it was great! Now, I’ve begun Den logiske sandkasse (en. the logical sandpit) by the same author. It’s an introduction to logic in general, how it works and how to apply it. Also I got a book that I’ve been waiting for a long time, today; Marcus Antonius AureliusTil meg selv (en. Meditations). I’ve read it before, but it’s just so great so I had to have it. Try it sometime!

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