1001: A Penguin Dynasty

I’ve been watching the news lately with a growing concern, and NAAP agents in the field are simply confirming what I dread the most; the new world order. With penguins at the very top. What do these non-flying, arctic-dwelling birds have against us?

For those of you who are new here, I am currently the only official spokesman of the interNet Association Against Penguins (NAAP), formerly known as the National Association Against Penguins. Here you can read . Our named agent X, Cameron, has been out in the field again, providing us with more photographic evidence to the cause. All of these pictures are very real.

Scientist killed by group of penguins
Scientist killed by group of penguins

Penguin photographed with Bush in Iraq
Penguin seen with President Bush in Iraq

Penguin combat tanks parade
Penguins parading their combat tanks

More pictures are and will be made available at the bottom of the .

In other news, NAAP’s Pigeon Awareness Program has had a recent publicity success, since the Chinese admits making remote controlled pigeons.
As you remember the PAP program was released back in 2005 and it would take another two years before any official acknowledgment would be made. The NAAP takes this as a confirmation of their hard work, and I am only to congratulate them with the fruits of their efforts.

But we’re not entirely there yet. So spread the word, folks!

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