In my dream you were naked saying 'Cheese'

Late blog entries have been kind of hiccupy (not a real word) but I won’t apologize for that. Not at all. I’ve been buissy doing things that I can blog about. I even wrote down some notes which turned into a very long thing that I’m now submitting to instead. That was a pointless introduction for you.

As you know I had a slight fever before last weekend, but I can gladly inform you that I’m feeling a lot better. I’m about as healthy as a rabbit with cancer. And some back pain. Sitting here at work, I’ve done some extensive hardware troubleshooting lately, and I’m not happy to send it all off back to the store from whence it came.. The client wants it ready now, and I have to mediate between the parties.

The last couple of nights I’ve been dreaming about taking pictures with my new digital camera. Which reminds me that I’ve forgotten to tell you all about it! It’s a , one of those new hybrid digital/SLR cameras. It’s not a real single-lens camera, but it surely looks like it, so for me that was like half the hassle and twice the mojo. I also got it to an affordable price by buying it through work.

I haven’t brought it out from its casing yet, since I’ve been bound up to other stuff, like the family meeting last weekend. So it’s just been sitting there on the floor, and in my mind, while I got rid of the old Nikon Coolpix 885 by handing it over to my sister. It was a trustworthy camera that gave me a lot of joy, but since I’m moving into the photo sharing community, I thought it would be nice with some higher quality.
Speaking of which, my gallery isn’t up yet, because I had to change the scripts. I was going to use minigal2 which looked like a healthy solution, but given that it fucked up the uploading about half of the times I uploaded pictures, I eventually gave it up. Which was very sad, since the layout was really simple and intuitive. But with over two thousand images to upload I need to do more than fifty at a time… Preferably all at once.

Last weekend I visited my grandmother in the worst blizzard the south has seen for years. For a while it wasn’t even certain that I would make it all the way, and it was 3 a.m. when I finally got in house, after a very long bus trip I’m inclined to forget. Cheers to my brother and sister for meeting me at the bus stop, so they could make tracks for me to walk in. It was that bad.
But I’ve seen worse in the north. *snif*
No, seriously, I have.
With my insane family realizing that the reunion my grandmother had been planning on that Sunday would never be, because of closed rosed and public transportation, they went for the next logical step. We were going to have a barbeque. Me, my aunts and my brother spent about three hours making a wall of snow about a metre taller than me to protect against the wind. Then we had bbq porkchops and sausages and beer out there in the snow. It was great.

Playing with the kids in the snow also seemed to have helped on my flu situation. I think sweating it out was the right thing to do. Although my five-to-twelve year old cousins were teaming up to kill me in spontaneous snowball ambushes. But I was the last man standing. Didn’t leave until each and everyone of them was crying bloody tears. I really recommend it! Too bad I didn’t bring the camera.

I’ve also rounded post #1000. Well, not really. I’ve rounded post one thousand since 2003. That’s when I switched to . So I guess I’m at least into the 1,500s if not the magic 2k. But I’m gonna have some beer tonight to celebrate anyway. See ya!

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