And since I'm already here..

Let me congratulate my brother with his 20th birthday!
That’s a good one. I turned twenty back in 2004. I’m just way ahead of you, brother. But I guess it was about time. On Uranus you’re only 0.23 years old, though, and your next birthday isn’t until Saturday March 7th in 2071. So party when you can, it’ll be fifty years till next time! If you live on Uranus, that is.. Here’s a couple of cheer leaders and a deer going crazy on behalf:
wow Happy birthday to KOEW! wow
wow wow wow wow wow

Actually, they are just animations.. Low budget website here.

We chatted earlier today about when and where to eat. Naturally he doesn’t want me around when he’s doing the actual celebration per se, and I’m sure he’s got friends of his own. But my mother embraces any chance she gets to gather the family and do stuff together, so we’re all eating out on Sunday if I’m not mistaken. My sister’s already gone ahead and made a cake. And guess what? Koew went for Indian food again, saying something about being sorry and not safe. Or was it the other way around? Anyway. Not sure of how much more Tandoori I can take. I mean, if you can’t choose anyplace else next year, I might as well just apply for an Indian citizenship. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Indian food. On the contrary. I’m just against the amount of it consumed proportionally to other types of food, the few times we are eating out. What happened to Swedish meatballs? Turkish? Mexican? Chinese? Hamburger?

Well, I guess refined taste comes with age. Have a good one, bro!

2 thoughts on “And since I'm already here..

  1. Thanks for the consideration bro.
    Nothing wrong with tandoori-cooked food. Also it’s close to mom’s and I’m a civil service worker. I can’t pay for such spicy quality myself.

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