I hacked myself!

Some of you may have noticed that Sigg3.net was a blank page during half of yesterday. Why?! Why, God, why did that SOB put down his lovely site, you ask? The truth is that I hacked myself. Why did I do it? I’m 1337.

Hacking is what I do. leet lumberjackIf I don’t keep myself under strict self-surveillance, I’d hack everything within reach. Telephone booths, traffic controllers, cars, street lights, cellphones, christmas lights, those tiny electronics people keep on their keys so as not to lose them, passerbys, pigeons, UFOs, small dogs, middle-sized dogs and little old ladies. Heck, when I was just a little boy my mama told me Don’t be hackin’ inside now, yehear? Go and make yourself useful! Hack some firewood! And I did. Just a lil’ boy. If I didn’t keep such a close eye on myself, I’d even hack myself.

Which is what I did last night.
Killing some time waiting for my cousin to appear online, I scripted a simple function to this blog. It was a cute and amiable script, something that the world ain’t seen anything just like it before. And at first everything was all right. Then things started going a little slower, until BOM! Everything stopped. My blog was wiped off the face of the internet. That’s when I heard the sound as if a million voices suddenly cry out in terror, only to be silenced in an instance.

Apparently I had created an infinite loop with my mysql database query.
"Simple is genius", they say, and soon I had no control whatsoever over files and folders through various routes.

Ha! That showed them!
… uhm.. I mean..That showed me…!

But seriously, big kudos to my host enavn that restored everything back to normal over the night! I didn’t sleep very well, knowing that my last database backup was from last fall or something. But they took care of it. Speaking to Mike it turned out I had forgotten to encapsulate the for.. loop with braces. Brilliant.

3 thoughts on “I hacked myself!

  1. …and the condition for the loop didn’t match at all.

    for ($i=0; $var > $i; $i++) {


    In this case, both “var” and “i” have to be integers.

  2. I got to hand it to you, like StrongBad:
    Bwahahahah ha hah ha!

    Though I hate the feeling of not backing up your content. That’s the shits.

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