Leeloo Terminal

Check my ├╝bercool Leeloo xfce4-terminal:

Leeloo terminal

and with some action going on:

Leeloo terminal

Using the –geometry parameter I was able to pin the terminal to the same position whenever I run the desktop launcher. Now I just need to learn how to do stuff without having to scroll, having removed the scrollbar and all. grep is always a good thing. Nevertheless, isn’t this the coolest terminal you ever saw?
Anyway. That’s it for tonight. Time for a burger and some beer.

2 thoughts on “Leeloo Terminal

  1. Nice screenshots!

    A comment regarding the possible switch to Zenwalk:
    Make sure you read this:

    I tried Zenwalk for a short while and wasn’t too thrilled about it. But then again I’m kind of lazy.

    Right now I’m at home with Xubuntu, 667 MHz with 512 megabytes of ram. It’s good to be home. :-)

    (And no, it’s not my Mac. It’s John K.’s old.)

  2. Yeah, I read lengthy discussions on the packages (and that they don’t necessarily install upgrades vs. downgrades) searching for comparisons.
    But thanks, I’ll give it a read before and if I switch.

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