Sunday was a good day

Sunday was a pretty good day. After I’d written successfully for a few hours at my café, my sister and I took the bus out to Bygdøy to catch the sunset. There was no waffles there as promised, however, so we got home and made pancakes. Just in time for the BBC documentary Blizzard – Race to the Pole that I’m following. Great day. Here are some pictures she took with her new digital camera:

Sigg3, a ship and the hat
Me, the boat to København and my russian hat

people roaming about by the shore
Due to the temperature it was pretty quiet by the shore that day

sunset through the woods
To the waffle house

hoisting cranes in the sunset
Hoisting cranes in the horizon

I took that last picture. I just had to have one of that, varying over the ultra-nationalist theme of Moose in sunset. I have a rather ambiguous relation to cranes. They look like giant, sleeping insects.
I also shot a few of a photo shoot they were doing of a couple of girls from the Norwegian skating team, but they turned out real boring.

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