My rainforest for a screw!

Today I got a pack of ten M3 3mm screws from Dell.
They came in a small, re-sealable plastic bag.
Which was put in a padded envelope.
And sent in a cardboard box with foam rubber.

An instant prior to this post:
Sigg3: Dell sent me a minibag with eight screws.
Put in a padded envelope, and sent in a foam rubber cardboard box.
Sigg3: what’s the name for one of those little bags you can close again?
Koew: …
Koew: a vacuum bag or sumthin’?
Sigg3: but the fact that you can close it again?
Sigg3: sealable
Sigg3: re-sealable
Koew: or re-useable
Koew: re-closeable
Koew: re-baggable
Sigg3: baggable?
Sigg3: damn, that woman’s so hot she’s even baggable
Sigg3: :D
Sigg3: baggable baby
Koew: >.<
Sigg3: can I have her in a bag?
Sigg3: doggie bag?
Koew: Can you bag her?

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