Touchdown, Cuba:)

Believe it: It´s hot! When we got to our appartementcomplex or hotel if you like, last night at nine o´clock in the evening (local time) it was 32°C. The first things we learned were; 1) Get water and drink constantly and 2) be patient. At all parts of any transaction or operation you must expect to wait in non-cooled offices and speak to at least three or four assistants where one of them probably speaks some English.

I´m not sure how I´m supposed to be able to read and write in this heat, can´t understand how Hemingway got used to it, and the only airconditioner in our appartement is very noisy. However, the charm with which everything tickers by makes it worthwhile. After all; I (at least) didn´t come here to listen to MTV and drink Coca Cola.

Haven´t got used to the palmtrees, either, even though we’ve plenty of them reaching upwards to our penthouse (which has two brilliant balconies).

The food is average, esp. the low-priced, but I just ate at this resturant called "Restaurante El Rincon Criollo", and it was great (and cheap:).

There´s so much to absorb and think through of expressions and experiences so far, and I´ve only been her one single day!! Tomorrow, when all of the students have come, it will be a great welcoming party with lots of Cuba rum:) Can´t wait… Now? Now, I´ll walk out from this hotel and have a sig under a palmtree and plan the evening. Beer, probably.

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