Fifteen minute Friday

I’m stealing this feature from who does a ten-minute non-stop entry from the top of his head. I’m naturally going to do this from the top of my head, and I’ll add in another five minutes just for the heck of it. Who knows what’ll happen?

Turning on some music here.. Yes, some smooth jazz entitled Café Flore. By the way, if you want to by some ambient jazz, you should check out Au Bordel: Souvenirs De Paris or something, which is recorded in a low down brothel in Paris. Brilliant.

What’s life got for me right now? Well, I’ve ditched my studies this spring. After a hasty x-mas "vacation" I found that the spring semester started way too early for me. I can’t study philosophy under pressure. Instead I’ve been reading and writing on my own stuff, but most of all I’ve been making money. My spare time has been consumed by leeloo, my new laptop which is currently running xubuntu with all the exciting challenges that means. I’ve finally got around to crack WEP networks, which isn’t really as hard as it may sound to the non-techie. WEP is fundamentally flawed, meaning that you eventually will crack it anyhow.
Can’t wait to check out WPA-PSK and WPA2, which are whole other structures.

I do have a problem with leeloo, though. She’s pretty fast and all, but she’s making too much noise to be within the ninja category of laptops. I need a ninja. I prefer writing to music, but I avoid using headphones if I can. My ears are already as damaged as I want them to be, and ambient sounds can be really inspiring. They can also save your life, if there’s an emergency going on or something. I don’t trust my co-habitants to warn me if the place’s on fire.

So the typing in of my written shit has dropped considerably.
I am going to have to change this sometime soon. This book has changed face so many times over the course of the last two years that I know of at least three ways to successfully write it. Three wholly different ways of telling the same story. What do I want to do? I want to finish it in the spirit of the turn-over I had two x-mases ago, while still keeping in line with the original spirit trés surrealiste.

The tits are back! Man, . They came a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not until recently they’ve been plentiful enough to rise a choir of happy voices. But this makes the seagulls envious, so they scream even louder, from the depths of their wretched souls. Seagulls are politicians reincarnated. The tits are, well, they’re just lil’ angels.

I’m also going to have to ditch the hat pretty soon. Not just because of the rising temperature, which is reason enough, but I’ve had it up to here with sarcastic remarks;
– You look sooo good in that hat.
– That cold, is it?
– You must be from the north. Can I try it on?
– How many rats died to make that?
– From Russia with love..
I’ve even had little, old ladies smiling at me with that kind of sympathy you get when you’re a serious retard. It reached a new low yesterday, when I was walking home from work. A Somali walked over to me just before I was gonna enter the shop and asked me if I could learn him about Russia and the Soviet Union.

Yesterday I won sixty crowners in a lottery hosted by the seamen’s church. I thought it was a good cause to support, considering I can go to them anywhere in the world and pour myself a free cup of coffee. That’s the kind of thing atheists are lacking out on, a community taking care of each other. Ideally that would be society, right? Civilization? I won sixty crowners, not an Apple iBook or fifty thousand crowners + a small boat. Sixty crowners. And I was happy. Until I remembered I had paid three hundred to participate.
Now I don’t know whether I should consider myself a winner or a loser.

People have complained that has been a little slow as of late. This is true, and the situation’s caused by two factors. First of all, a lot of the imagery you see here, like the cheap manipulations and the pics of myself etc, are hosted by my cousin. If his server is down, it takes a wee bit extra time to wait until those links time out, leaving you with "links" (alternative text) where the picture was supposed to be. I have invested in a new 720 watt power supply unit for his server, to make sure it isn’t due to power shortage this happens. Least I could do, considering I get all that space for free. If it still is a little slow, it’ll be the Technocrati java script (what blogs link here etc). They’ve volunteered to DoS themselves, so I guess there’s nothing to do about that.

The name of an Ethiopian girl that I work with literally translates to:
"Looks like a replacement, Thank God!"
No. Seriously.

Loren Coleman, a famous figure in the world of cryptozoology, has been forced to re-consider his status as a pro blogger. In a post titled No bread, no blog, which was dugg a wee bit later, he extends a plea for donations so that he can keep up the excellent work at . I read his blog every day, and it would be sad to see a site which offers such a critical view of events in the cryptozoological world disappear. Check out this post on information about buying his books.
That was fifteen minutes for ya. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Man I dig your hat, and if you really want to get rid og it, you should give it to me, or else we will burn it and dance around the fire like crazy heathens singing “ombahlahalagaugha” for Odin, Tor, Frigg & Venus or whatever. A gift for love and understanding, eh? Yeh. How ’bout some beer tonight?

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