Latest Internet Relay Chat-logs (IRC)

Been a while since I did this, but don’t think I wasn’t gonna bother you.

<Turkeyslam> oh man I saw pure gold at lunch, I was sitting near this group of black guys at a table and they all had tucked in shirts and shit, looked educated, I think they were studying calculus or some shit
<Turkeyslam> and across from there, there was another table with a bunch of white guys, all ghetto looking, three of them wore fucking grills, sagging pants, and one was playing some 50 cent ringtone or some shit
<Turkeyslam> going "yeah boiiii"
<Turkeyslam> and one of the black guys in the table next to me muttered "fucking niggers"
<Turkeyslam> I choked on my fucking jolt cola

<Anti> Physics is like sex, it has practical results but that’s not why we do it
<RaefWolfe> Physics is like sex: I just don’t get it

<s1um>after meeting a few girls on myspace, i think they need to put a warning on the site that says "objects on screen are larger than they appear"

<Python> Did you fall from a shooting star?
<silly_girlie> hehe
<silly_girlie> ahh sure why not
<GLT23> because your face looks like it slammed into earth at 1500 mph? is that the end of the pickup line?

<Joe> Here’s an issue I never had to worry about in CA. Does anyone know if an Hard Drive that is roughly -10C in temperature from being in the back of a UPS truck and then the porch, really dislikes being asked to spin up?
* Joe wonders if he should wait for it to warm up considerably.
<MisterX> put it in the microwave for 5 seconds
<Joe> Oh, thanks!
<Joe> Be right back.
* Joe left the chat room.
<Andy> Is he serious?

<n3xg3n> weird… i just found this: Walker Texas Ranger is an anagram for Karate Wrangler Sex

<phenom> would you bang the queen
<phenom> for $10000
<nacho> i dont have that kind of money

<Brenton> see, you arent even willing to hear anything without pre-concieved ideas.
<Kvant> Brenton, you have no preconceived ideas, i guess?
<Brenton> no i dont.
<Brenton> ive decided what i believe is the Truth

<Latly> Dude I just heard an amazing story
<Latly> My friends g/f was getting bored of her everyday love life
<Latly> Sex, kissing, sex, etc.
<Latly> She decided to make it a bit more romantic
<Latly> So she decides to burn a disk of sexual songs, and plays it during their “fun hour”
<Latly> I came over that day, and just swiped the disk with another one
<Witds> with wat
<Latly> Lets just say, that they will be having a blast doing it to barneys singalongs

<jaga> does anyone here have a computer?

<by> Is there anyway I can tell the world I’m an idiot?
<Seven7> Of course, just type your name, where you live and your confession
<by> Kk
<by> I am Mark Duval of Belgium, and I am an idiot
<by> ?
<by> Now what?
<Seven7> Don’t worry. It’s done

<gordo> who here knows their trance well?
<gordo> i need the title of that trance song, with the choir singing in the background
<gordo> (high pitch) la la la la la, la la la la
<gordo> (lower) la la la laaaaaaa, la (high) la la
<WardoG> Wow that’s specific

<Karl[LB]> I put Linkin Park on and my cat goes running to the speakers and starts attacking them

<Cheshire> I can’t afford those plastic things to cover the electric sockets so I just draw bunny faces on the electric outlets to scare the kids away from them…
<RLtim> Newsflash! Kids aren’t afraid of bunnies.
<Cheshire> Oh they will be…

<hapry> Fuck, I just finished bash :(
<k8k8k8k> finished?
<hapry> Yeah…i read it all :(
<treaty> you’re officially the lamest person ever

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