Latest Personal Skype Log

<sigg3net> hola
shake it, baby, shake it
the dinosaurs are here
trivia for the damned! and WATER for the risen.
but the crackers are FOR EVERYONE.
free peace and naked beer.
don’t tempt the sun with bare bottoms.
by dawn the temple was shrouded in infinitely red light;
I asked the furious angel to marry me
she spat when she replied, a passionate YES, with s’ess the sounds of a serpent’s hiss
do you not love me, I requested, and looked to the ground
for although my mind was certain, my heart was not at peace
"Travel, young author, and see the world"
she told me to get lost, find my way back,
so that I could see the true nature of her godly glory.

<female colleague> Have you gone mad? :)

[next day]

<sigg3net> morning, princess replacement

<female colleague> morn morn…
Available massage appointments at the institute?

<sigg3net> yup
Could need one of those right now
they’re putting in new furniture here Thursday
the pain
all my toys
Fafo’s just like a wife.
She has to move the chair around.
Why? It’s perfectly fine where it’s at, gives me a bit of a view and everything.
No, she says. It doesn’t look good with the table over there.

oh, you’ve disconnected
story of my life.

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