Correct. I´m all sick after drinking too much Pernod last night…. and the real studentparty is obviously TODAY, but there will be no party for me. I hope. This is just so typical.

The Spanish course has begun to become really interesting, and in this introductionweek, we´ve received lectures from professors and stateofficials about the culture, economy, music and socialanthropology of Cuba. It´s very tiring, though, the days this week have been very long and I get to sleep considerably less than I would have wished for. But homework is important, if you´re somewhat interested in learning the language, as I am. The flat me and three other guys are living in has been out of water for a couple of days, but I must say that I´m pretty impressed with the whole livingsituation after having seen some of the slums around Cojimiar (Habana del Este).

More later. Now I just want to be sick and feel sorry for myself:)

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