Meeting my first confirmed pornstar

* some of the pictures linked in this post contain perfectly normal nudity *
I had to run an errand today to buy a mouse and a pendrive for someone in a hurry. The weather has improved considerably, and you might as well believe the spring is coming. So Monday I dropped off my James Dean leather jacket at a tailor to get it fixed up, which means I’m currently wearing my lumberjack patterned jacket. It’s like becoming anonymous again. I can walk around without girls swooning all the time. But it’s all right. I needed a break from all that.

So there I was walking when I spotted Petra from . I had a couple of glances, because I couldn’t believe it, but when she incidently looked in my direction there could be no doubt. It was her.

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Fuck For Forest is an adult entertainment company whose entire income from the products they sell goes to the conservation and saving of rainforests worldwide. Yes. They literally fuck for forest. They created "scandalous" international attention when they appeared at the Cumshots concert in the Quart festival 2004, undressing and having sex before anyone could stop them. Here’s a photo of the action on stage. Sadly the conservative voice of Norway cried out in agony over the terrible, terrible sight the poor concert goers were forced to see.
Uhm.. The band’s name is Cumshots..
From what I’ve seen, I bet FFF’s contribution was the humane part of the show.

Anyway, that was my first confirmed meeting with an RL pornstar. Whoppeee. I met a male, German pornstar at a dubious nachspiel once, but I was never able to get it confirmed. And who cares about male pornstars? Anyway. Go to their website and support the cause. I hear they’re looking for models too, if you’re interested. Rock on! Time for lunch.

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