Link of the day: Pearl the Landlord

This is the single most hilarous vid I’ve seen all month! Turn your sound up n’ enjoy:)

LotD: Pearl the Landlord (streaming video)

Thanks to the Bloons for tipping me off!
BloonLabs is the homepage of 5-6 especially mentally handicapped residents at the Friendly Home Community in Houston, Texas. I regularly stop by to see what the little chumps are up to in the weekdays when they’re not at school. Currently the home community is running a fundraiser to buy the bloons a PlayStation 3 console and allow them special holiday activities, like feeding the penguins in the Houston Zoo, when other kids are home with their loving families. Stop by and give them your support, comments and love.

3 thoughts on “Link of the day: Pearl the Landlord

  1. You know just as well as we do that penguins are dirty, dirty creatures. We would never waste precious food on them.
    The otters, however, are a different story. I love otters.

  2. But you hate squirrels..

    I might agree with you on the penguins, although it is fun to patronize them in their glass cages. Otters are whoremongers.

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