The one string to unlock them all..

This infamous string of code is the D-DVD processing key for most movies released so far, published on the net by the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) a couple of days ago by mistake. It has stirred up quite a riot in the IT world.


Apparently some very, very rich people in the entertainment industry are trying to suppress this line of code by nullifying the freedom of speech. I just thought I’d post it here too, to support the cause and add it to the growing list of pages that posts it. As one blogger puts it: "Let’s see if the people can win right to free speech against a hackable code."

Say my name three times like Candyman:

See , the Slashdot article Censoring a number, the song by Dino Lightning and this userfriendly strip. Cheers.

Update 3rd of May 2007
With all the focus on the infamous hexadecimal, people may be ignoring a bigger weakness in the AACS armor that emerged two weeks ago. Hackers have figured out how to , even by revoking all keys in circulation. In addition, it has the potential to make future decryption even easier.

2 thoughts on “The one string to unlock them all..

  1. 09 F9, I won’t forget. My URL-link is directly to my post when I first discovered the number. I think I saw it on Digg a few days ago. Hell, you can kill a thousand nerds, but you can’t kill 22,300 pages containing that number – it ain’t (at least) not as easy.

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