Some pictures from the weekend

This weekend I visited my sister where she works (see post above), in the mid east of rural Norway. Here are eight random pics from the trip:

My room mate

My sister having breakfast
My sister having breakfast

Bacon, baby, bacon
A future breakfast
Mmmmm… bacon…

Churchbells in the yard?
The view from my window
Luckily, they didn’t ring that bell during my stay

Family Portrait by Margaret Keane
Family Portrait by Margaret Keane
Now, I don’t know about you, but if you ask me that’s one happy family right there. I mean, just look at their pupils.. Margaret Keane was on something when she painted this… And why are they looking at us like that? What are they staring at? Use the comments for suggestions.

Macro: flower
Close-up photography of various items is always a hit

Norwegian nature
This is what they want to sell to the Japanese
Wild, bold and beautiful Norse nature. Not too shabby, eh?

spruce and cones
Very well hung, indeed

I’ll update with a story later on, there’s too much to do at the moment.

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