… And I'm the biggest Fool in Oslo!

It’s funny what girls do sometimes. She came along but not to go any further.
I guess I love them for this random hazard, who knows what pays off and what don’t?
I’m here only to adore.
And even though I’m oft left behind, they never cease to amaze me.
I’ll always learn more, but I’ll never know enough. That should keep us on our toes.
Every moment and memory that I get to cherish
Say, my life alone beats any dream right through the boots!
And I dunno why I’m telling you this,
but when you’ve said A, you’ve got to do B, right?
Now, I could put on a William Blake recital, but I’m not going to.
Instead I’ll get my shit together and focus. Life is too rich and it sure ain’t over.

3 thoughts on “… And I'm the biggest Fool in Oslo!

  1. Girls are girls. You can’t live with them and you can’t hit them in the head with a brick, bring them home and force them to cook dinner. Or hang on a minute, you can!

  2. So waitaminute. Is this the woman from the cafe? Spill it, Sigg3. We are gossip whores.

    Why must you taunt us so?

  3. Well, she is very well aware of this webpage, so I’d have to chose my words with the kind of delicacy that I am not able to do on a Monday morning. I stayed up writing till three this morning, combine that with a weird dream about an aircraft scam gone wrong, and it feels as though I’ve been smashed in the head with a hammer.

    Need. More. Coffee.

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