My cousin sent me this. I thought I’d translate it for you:


Cheers, mate.. Not really sure what you’re trying to imply here, though.. :)

19 thoughts on “Dysfemini?

  1. I was once out with a girl who kindly informed me that she wasn’t wearing any underpants. I totally freaked out.

  2. A man, as in a person with equivalent or more strength than a bear, so the person can carry some of my furniture up 6 floors? Or a man as in sex?

  3. We were having drinks and it was getting way too late to be chucking furniture up the staircase. Besides, I don’t do heavy lifting. That’s what money’s for. What are you going on about?
    This trip to IKEA has left you scarred, mentally scarred, my brother.

  4. And even though I’m strong as a bear, I can still make sweet love to a nice gal.
    I completely fail to see your point.
    Your narrow association of men and carrying is simply sexist.

  5. I’ve never seen anyone carry a piano up the stairs, I think. But that’s wholly irrevelant. Why would I carry some piano up the stairs when this nice girl with no knickers on was coming on to me?

  6. I can only think of one, maybe, but he’d prolly say “Why bother? Do we need ’em?”. Why didn’t you reply to her “YOU CAN BORROW MINE!”? Would’ve been the best reply ever.

  7. Then I’d be sitting there without my nickers. And there is NO WAY I’ll be carrying any piano with my tackle out.

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