Today is Towel Day!

If you thought I was a nerd before, this won’t rectify your image:


Today is in memory of (1952-2001), and naturally I’ve brought along my towel. Anywhere I go. I soon discovered that very few of the staff actually knew about Adams, although most of them had heard about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But none of them had heard about Towel day. So I got a lot of comments like: "been training?", or "been showering?" or "Bin Laden!?" but I swear I won’t leave my towel behind, wherever I go in the galaxy.

It has proven to be quite versatile and then not just as a conversation starter. It sheltered me from the sun and rain, it acted like a soft cushion when I sat on some stairs, I used it as a turban during lunch, I spanked a naughty co-worker with it, and presently I’ve got it over my head to become completely invisible since my hangover has begun to kick in. And I’m sure I will find other uses for it through the rest of the day too. Douglas Adams was absolutely brilliant. Have a nice weekend!

One thought on “Today is Towel Day!

  1. Remember to make fun of strags as you go along with your towel – I did. I’ll get up the picture take of me today soon.
    RIP DNA.

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