Towel Day pt 2

On Towel Day, the 25th, a whole gang of us joined my brother at a concert where Paza Rahm, Gwen Stacy and first and foremost were playing 8-bit electronica. Boy was that a riot!

Now, 8-bit music tends to attract a considerable amounts of nerds, so it wasn’t a big surprise that we were given some recognition for bringing towels with and on us. We were photographed quite a few times by several people, and I was lucky to get my hands on one of the pictures taken by Kristoffer at :
Celebrating Towel Day with beer!
Getting good and drunk over there. You can see I’m going out of focus:)

The music was incredible and we soon found the towels handy for wiping sweat after the hardest dancing and headbanging I’ve done for some time. The girls took an obvious interest in our little sect too, which was just brilliant. There’s also a picture of my brother being interviewed by a hot radio chick. Too bad I couldn’t find any more towel shots. So if you went to the Binärpilot concert in Oslo the 25th, and took pictures of some dudes wearing towels, please contact me so I can get ’em all up here. Recordings from the live concert will be out on the later.

Edit 3rd of July: Recordings (mp3), courtesy of

On the binaerpilot tape you can actually hear us in the crowd between songs.
Paza Rahm and Gwen Stacy played before we’d arrived, but they’re worth a listen to:)

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