It´s good to see that you ppl are using the tagboard, I was worried that none of you would even bother looking at it. Now you can sit back home and discuss wether I have died recently or not.

You´ll hopefully be glad to hear that I have found a beer to 70 cents a bottle (expensive, yes!) that tastes somewhat similar to my favourite Norwegian ale, MACK, and I am talking about Bucanero.

What is happening right about now? – Well, school from 9 a.m to 2 p.m the three first weeks from since we got here. I can´t wait for the end of the last week. I mean, getting up at 7 am every morning in a country which has an average temperature around PRETTY FUCKING HOT is not something you dream about. If not in a lame nightmare. The profesora, prof. Lourdes, is a very stubborn Cubana, but she is really o.k and let you doze of for a few minutes if you can´t stay awake in class. We´re learning pretty fast over here, and yesturday I was invited into the home of a family here in Cojimar for a refreshment in the heat, and I sat there talking with them for two hours without a single word in English:)

What defines a student? Partying of course. Luckily, I live with three other guys that are not all "PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!" so it´s possible to get some homework (tarera) done:) I´ve got to know a few great ppl and I intend to at least know the names of the majority of the group. We´re only about 60 students, but it happened as late as yesturday that I met someone I hadn´t seen before. Really embarrasing:P

I haven´t got to sending postcards yet but I will soon, so if you´re one of those lucky few, just hold on! Heh, the cuban way of life is slow and it really gets to you. Mañana, mañana, manñana (We´ll do it tomorrow). I did, however, manage to call my mother on her 50th birthday:) btw, I´m really missing some of you ppl e-mailing me. I´ve got this new SPAM filter, so it might be that it puts it in the trash folder, if you mention PENIS or other similar oddities in your msgtitle, just to make you aware of that. Well, I´ve got to go, I´ll come back some day and wrap things a bit more up, systematically and logically:) See ya´ll.

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  1. How are you doing? I hope you would have wonderful time in cuba. I read afew pages about these beatiful girls the are pretty hot!

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