Scariest picture of the day: Jane Likes Dick

Listening to Roy Ayers’ Exotic Dance from the Coffy soundtrack.
Summer has finally arrived to our little village (Oslo), and as usual I come to the realization that women I have the pleasure to meet never do; I’m wearing too much clothes. I got up real early today considering I usually get up at ten o’clock, only to be put in a cab with the documents I translated and sent off to the government buildings downtown. When I got back I considered going home to finish my sleep, but then I remembered that the dream I was having few hours earlier had been really boring and absolutely not worth it.

Sweet sexy funk-jazz musical jiz white collar dollar brand espresso no sugar, please.

Instead I fired up Captain Beefheart’s Shiny Beast and got busy looking cool. It’s actually too hot for me to write anything useful today, so while my diagnostic work is doing itself, I’ll just post this scary picture of the day. Actual book cover:
Jane Likes Dick

Today’s lunch was fried leftovers with fried eggs, toast and fresh apple juice.

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