My dreams are improving again:)

Since I’ve started to adjust to the heat, I’m back to getting at least some regular sleep again. Last night I dreamed about this girl at work, and we were getting really friendly. Very friendly. We were all on a big cruise-like ship somewhere, but not as passengers, we were employed there. That’s right, Sigg3 the sailor. Can’t remember whether I had a tattoo or not.
And then she left me, I don’t remember what was up with that, but it wasn’t in a bad way and hey! there was another girl entering the picture. I don’t think she was any real girl that I know of. Nevertheless, we got friendly too. After a while being friendly there, the first girl returned and did some verbal bitch slapping on the second girl, then the first one took my hand and took me to this hammock where we could get friendly.. which we did. It was a nice dream for a change.

I am seriously going to read up on those methods.
I remember thinking, while dreaming, that this was a great dream.

This RL girl was to my knowledge vacating in France. But guess who was the first person I met this morning when I came to work? Now, that’s the kind of coincidence that may induce dreadful consequences. Do not mix business with pleasure. Unless pleasure is your business, of course:)

8 thoughts on “My dreams are improving again:)

  1. Again, I found the SA thread quite usefull and simple to follow:
    Something awful threadid=2456841

    On the first post:
    You are able (in time) to control your dreams down to anything. Stretch it out for five thousand years? Sure, it’s been done. Merge with a tree? Why not? Fly? Hell yeah. Have sex with that hot rear end chick you’ve been eyeing. Oh yeah.
    happy LDing. :-)



    Aww, alright! I’ll print it out and read it when I go to bed, so when I’m half way down the first page I’ll fall asleep and let my talented instincts guide me.

    Though chopping off some co-worker’s head would be nice, from time to time.

  3. Yeah, I’ve had some luck, but not that much YET. Mostly because I’m lazy I guess… not doing enough/any reality checks for a while. (According to the thread, it could take some weeks. Or perhaps longer.)

    I started doing reality checks again two (?) days ago. Had a semi lucid dream (poor quality) this afternoon. Some monkey and a baby elephant were clinging on my foot in this weird indoor tourist-svada place.. and I thought “Hey, this is a dream! I want something else!”

    What I learned from the thread:
    1) Do reality checks often. Plug your nose and try to breathe.. If you can, you’re in a dream.. Try to stick your finger through your other hand. I usually do this when I enter a different room (not so difficult to remember). Also, do them in your bed. Sooner or later you will do them in a dream, and you will realize you’re dreaming. Cool, huh?

    2) When you become lucid, don’t go all crazy at first. It will wake you up. Rubbing your hand or walking in circles might help stabilize it. Or you can say “lucidity stabilize” according to some.

    3) Keep a dream journal. When you wake up, spend 1 minute trying to recall your dream, then write it down. It’s pretty funny to read your old dreams (like the one about you which I had completely forgotten about).

    That’s about what I picked up from the thread.

    My best lucid dream was back when (a few weeks ago) when I started trying LDing.

    I noticed.. “hey…this is a dream” somehow. Started rubbing my hand and walk in circles to gain control. Did some high backflips on the floor (always very fun). Ended up outside with a girl which was pretty keen on me, hehe (that wasn’t really my choice, but I knew .. uh.. that I was dreaming?). I kept it cool and we walked for a while up to this big stone by a lake. The girl (very nice already) switched into a nice asian. Hmm. She went down to the rock where I said she shouldn’t go but secretly wanted her to go, so I could show my braveness and save her. Hahaha. There was a kiss at the end. And that was it. Pretty cool. At some point I also tried flying but I just fell to the bricks (didn’t hurt). The dream was at it’s clearest at this point.

    Sorry for crappy English.
    Happy LDing.

  4. 4) Say to yourself, before you go to bed, “Next time I’m dreaming I’ll realise it”..

    I don’t know if this has helped me at all. Can’t hurt though.

  5. I tried point 4) and fell right asleep into a deep coma, only to be woke up by the alarm clock six hours later. No luck.

    But I’ve written down my most vibrant dreams, and some I remember from years back because I kept the memory alive.
    Dreaming has often helped me out in my work, be it writing or coding. But not lucidly.

    I will try the hand-trick. I had a teacher who used to set his wristwatch to beep every fifteen minutes. Then he had to look at the watch to turn it off.
    In his dreams, he would notice the difference and “wake up”.

    The “Lucidity stabilize” tip sounds like bollicks though, IMO. But I’ll try to see whether this could help me out of my current writing block.

  6. > The “Lucidity stabilize” tip sounds like > bollicks though,

    Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve become semi lucid thanks to the hand trick. Nice to have your finger go through your hand and thinking “hey…I’m dreaming. :-)”
    Hopefully I’ll start doing it again in dreams.. :)

    good luck.

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