Random pics from the weekend

Here are some pictures I took this weekend, while testing out my new digital camera, the Fujitsu S9500.

Teenage dance show
The local shops figured that if they added some dancing teenage girls people would flock to them.
It worked.

Just a local
A local from Little Kariachi, Oslo

lil' kid enjoying the dance show
This kid couldn’t get enough of the Salsa show

This is (orig. name of Akerselva) where I spent most of my Saturday

kick ass grandma
Lifestylez ov da poor an dangerous

Ranunculus acris - buttercup
Meadow buttercup macro shot

Canada goose
was there

ear piercing
One of my friends’ ear piercings

Sigg3 drinking water
Keeping a sharp eye on those bikinis.. you never know.. they might need my help.. I’ve seen .

tummy piercing flower
She was kind enough to let me photograph her flower :)
Now, that’s one sexy tummy piercing!

In addition to the black 1 pixel border, I have adjusted the saturation and contrast settings. In my opinion, it makes for better online presentation. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Random pics from the weekend

  1. A Made-up phone-conversation:
    Ted: Hey Jon.
    Jon: Hello, Ted.
    T: Get down here right now.
    J: Why? It’s friggin hot outside and I don’t like it in the sun, as I am partly
    T: There’s teenage girls dancing outside the local store, man!
    J: Be there in a sec. *hangs up*
    -THE END-

  2. It should read:
    "- THE END …?"

    Actually, he didn’t look too happy with what was going on. The locals don’t like any hassle when they’re trying to fill their beer quota.

  3. Girls with revealing clothes always work. We’re talking Monday morning till Sunday night – it’s preposterous and unhealthy. Just ask any doctor.

  4. Especially when they’re standing out there on the freezing pavement, shivering, in nothing but a miniskirt to have a cigarette.
    When the skin turns blue from cold it isn’t that interesting anymore, really. I don’t want anyeone that cold in my bed anyway. Go sleep on the rug by the fireplace a little while, okay?

  5. That’s when you need to sharpen your tone and say “On the floor, NOW!” while pointing on the rug lying near the fireplace. When she lies down you go “Good girl.”. Easy.

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