See ya on the Seven Seas, scallywags!

Pearl of ScandinaviaFrom tomorrow morning at 9:30 I’ll be on the cruise ship heading for Copenhagen, Denmark. The four Wärsilä Sulzer 9 ZAL 40S engines will keep this summer’s seminar afloat until we reach harbor early Friday. Let’s hope it ain’t too cold out there, I’m bringing my camera.

I should be back early Saturday if the weathergods haven’t caused any trouble or I’ve fallen off board. You see, last year alone 10+ young men disappeared on this one-night journey on the DFDS ships, mainly due to being drunk on the upper deck. I think this is a very round-about way of administration telling me that I should quit… but I’m not usually one to take a hint. The theme of the working sessions, which are on the first day – and obligatory, is "To think & Tell". I’ll point them to this site.

EDIT (a few hours later sippin’ a decaf):
I found this site here with a little more detailed info about the cabins, bars and entertainment. Captains lounge, anyone?

«The Captain’s Lounge can be found exclusively onboard the m.s. Pearl of Scandinavia, guests can relax in the comfortable English colonial-style leather furniture in the newly established lounge. Where you can also enjoy a wide selection of exotic coffees and cigars, and exclusive wines.»

Colonial-style, you say? I love colonialism! Not much for entertainment, though.
KIDZ’ Club? Kidz’ club – where your children won’t learn to spell. And the Colombus Club – named after South American mafia: «Listen to the international dance band as they play well known old time favourites as well as more recent songs.» No, thank you.. The much classified program for the picnic:

09.30: Show up around the docks somewhere, sober but tired
10.00-10.30: Welcoming speeches, still sober and tired
10.30-11.30: "To think and tell" by former cabinet member
11.30-11.45: Coffee break with Danish pastry, sober
11.45-13.00: Work, work, work
13.00-14.00: Lunch in Blue Riband: Danish sandwhiches
14.00-15.15: Work, work
15.15-15.20: 5 min. fag break
15.20-16.30: Work
16.30-17.00: The boat leaves the shore. Another lunch: Italian Roll baguettes
17.00-18.30: Summary and a little drink
17.00-17.30: More work
17.30-18.00: More work, pt. 2
18.00-18.30: Debate
20.00: We meet in the bar. Bong!
20.30: Dinner in Blue Riband: Tapas, roast veal, raspberries, blueberry ice cake

07.00: Breakfast in the Seven Seas, hung over
09.30: Arrival Copenhagen
09.30-10.20: Guided canal tours + individual lunch(es)
13.00-16.30: Check-in on the ship
20.30: Dinner in the Seven Seas: Buffet

07.00: Breakfast in the Seven Seas, hung over
09.30: Arrival Oslo
10.00-00.00: I dunno, fancy a beer?

The weather is getting increasingly worse here in Oslo at the moment, so I am not sure about bringing the camera after all. It’s like, the chances of me ending up in some low-budget Danish porn flick during the weekend are really small. But anyway.

5 thoughts on “See ya on the Seven Seas, scallywags!

  1. Captains log, supplemental:
    After six hours of idle doodling in open space, I am now looking forward to an hour of rest before the dinner and party begins.

  2. When I went to Germany with one of them boats I spent most of my time in the arcade. The vast and endless sea gave me the chills of an afterburner, so I stayed inside most of the trip. Was fun though, beating everyone in the arcade driving game from SEGA. (I had to use my skills for something, eh?)

  3. One day, not on the boat or anything, I woke up to the sound of a kid crying outside. I thought I’d been killed and went straight to heaven. Couldn’t stop smiling for at least 10 minutes after the kid had been bought an ice-cream. Spoiled brat.

  4. Just a small comment on the program versus the reality here.

    "To think and tell" was brilliant and became the prima facie standard for the rest of the weekend.

    The Italian Roll baguettes were EXACTLY the same as the Danish sandwhiches except for the bread and number of slices.

    The Guided Canal tours = the boat taking you from the ship and dropping you on the nearest dock. I took the bus, avoiding the rain and gained 10 minutes on the rest of the group.

    The Buffet: Having eaten myself full, I realized that all that I had chosen – including dessert – was from the kid’s menu.

    Breakfast: No fried eggs to go with the bacon.

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