Pollresults on "Where do you eat out?"

Fastfood chains (McDonald’s): 2%
Pizza places (Dolly’s): 5%
Delis (Subway): 2%
Kebab places: 51%
Oriental: 5%
Restaurants/caf├ęs/kiosks: 27%
I don’t: 5%

Number of votes: 37

From what I see in these statistics, only 4% of Sigg3.net readers are distinguishing themselves as top- or bottom-feeders (Delis or fastfood chains respectively).
I admit that I have bought meals from fast food chains – once in McDonald’s and once in Burger King – and I also enjoy a good Subway Sandwhich. But because of my home being Oslo right now I tend to go for the Eastern places, most frequently the kebab kind, saturday night. Kebab is manna to the drunk and weary. Thanks for your participation!

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