Poll #25: When you come into a crowded elevator you..

I have been very lazy in terms of keeping up with all my features and the is one of them. They are many, and there be dragons. There is no apology for that, so I will simply refuse to apologize. One reason has been that I found most of the pre-meditated poll questions out-right uninteresting. One of the few I put in the bin was even about weekly polls.. so I had to make it more personal. Yes. Sink my teeth into you, like Hannibal would say.

This morning I wholly avoided the elevator and WALKED up the four floors because there were too many people in it. But suppose you’ve neglected that chance, and you’re standing in the middle of it; what do you do?

Poll #25: «When you come into a crowded elevator you..»
…feel like yelling, acting out
…are afraid it will fall
…are worried about your belongings
…giggle nervously
…hum to (the elevator) music
…rub up against strangers
…think inappropriate thoughts
…try to fart

There are several other alternatives I could have included, or hundreds, but I think they reflect too much my own elevatorobia. I think I have scared the shit out of many of my co-workers standing in the elevator, with an inward giggle and the grin of Donnie Darko. But usually it ends well. Usually.

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