The neo-pragmatic triangle

I just thought of the best analogy regarding the developments and discussions of the "pragmatic triangle": Austin, Habermas and Rorty.

Austin: Look here boys, with these words you’re actually stroking the girl, and blowing her a kiss. But what’s the grammar?

Habermas: Cheers, mate. You made me realize that I’m actually caressing her right now, always already embracing, and we’re making love.

Rorty: No. You’re having sex, plain and simple. You’re just trying to justify it to your local audience.

I hope this can inspire you to read their works. To my mind, it’s every man and woman’s responsibility to take in the profound sillyness of the universe and make up their own opinions, so as to better improve the (social) world. I still haven’t put up the essay I wrote before Christmas, but if you read Austin’s , Habermas’ and any of Richard Rorty’s replies to Habermas you’ll get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. But I’ll fix up the essay and translate it for you any time. It should provide a subjective introduction to the subject, which is communication and the existential status of Truth.

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