Latest Personal Skype Log

Needless to say, I’ve changed the skype handle of this week’s victim.

<Zang> i watched a horror movie last night. ‘dead meat’

<sigg3net> any good?

<Zang> nothing, just think that the reality is good

<sigg3net> what?

<Zang> treasure the normal life, that is my thoughts now

<sigg3net> so you’re not thinking about killing everybody with a chainsaw then?

<Zang> well, it seems not neccessary

Three minutes pass.

<sigg3net> but you were contemplating it for a moment there, until you saw the movie?

<Zang> yes. so if you cannt let me be satisfied with the sony, you are in danger

<sigg3net> This is why I love working here. people are so friendly

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