Google translated problem solving

A couple of weeks back I had some trouble finding a way to open a Sony VAIO Z series laptop from China. I got in touch with their international support but they only referred me to the local Chinese office, which didn’t have an e-mail adress and only spoke Chinese. Great support. I eventually found an American site by this guy who was a great help.
But anyway, before all that I had google’d the globe for posts related to this model, most of them in Chinese. It didn’t matter if I could only find a site with pictures. I didn’t, but I found this post that google kindly translated for me. There’s a lot of ancient wisdom in here.

The Problem
Bring back the loom, the same day showed the automatic shutdown of, and the next few days, this kind of situation is to continue.

The support
He said, I will let the other side to block better for the Main Board, of course, I know this is only his lip. He simply will not bring in a document specifically states "have to adapt better like the Main Board," no alternative but to go back to wait. Next on the things people began to fly.

It’s never a good sign when people begin to fly. Never trust their lips. Finally:

The tragic end
I do not know what the loom in the end when they can be repaired, if the amendment next week also bad then it is meant that after the National Day! You do not know what a friend is not a good method can teach me?

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