Link of the day: History Of Left- And Right-Side Driving

I was doing ‘s Thursday vote-o this morning, harassing the British for driving on the left side of the road, when I forgot what side left was. Which means I also forgot which side Norwegians drive on. What can I say? It’s a long time since I drove a car. I referred to the internet to tell me the truth, and that’s when I found this excellent site:

Link of the day: History Of Left- And Right-Side Driving

Here’s a little taste on why they drove on the left in Britain in the Middle Ages. It is Trivial Pursuit information like this that really gets my mind hot:

Seven hundred years ago, everybody used the English system. In the Middle Ages you kept to the left for the simple reason that you never knew who you’d meet on the road in those days; you wanted to make sure that a stranger passed on the right so you could go for your sword in case he proved unfriendly.

But you’re not really wise, if you’re not Chinese. Listen to what the Chinese Book of Rites said in 1100 B.C: "The right side of the road is for men, the left side for women and the center for carriages." Nuff said, bitches. But of course we didn’t have any roads in Norway for long into the 50s. We all drove Soviet tanks back then.

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