Link of the day: Maddox slaughters the iPhone

My brother just referred me to to check out Maddox’s latest update, but when I got there bam! I was referred further on with this message:

Maddox gangbanged by

At the time of writing his post about the iPhone has had 7350 people digg it. It was 7280 when I began this post.

Link of the day: The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face

I really like his take on the iDiotic iShit we’re seeing nowadays, especially how Apple has managed to get us all to refer to a mobile hard disk drive with an OS as an "iPod". But if you’re one of the iDiotic few who consider getting one of these phones, you’d probably want to check out DVD Jon’s take on activating the iPhone without giving away your money or personal info.
That is, after you’ve had your head pulled out of your ass.

4 thoughts on “Link of the day: Maddox slaughters the iPhone

  1. It’s still not any news since the HP iPaq or any other PDA like system that have been around for years.
    I have a PDA with phone and a keyboard. Do I use it? Nope.

  2. Haha. I have a computer. Its basically everything I need and everything I don’t in one tidy little package. I also have a cell phone. Together, I really don’t need anything else.


  3. It looks like a PDA and a vibrator.
    Those white, creamy curves? Gimme a break.
    That’s why people who buy it are faggots.

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