Delayed Truckin July 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 7

Because of a little mix-up in editing my story Cross-Word won’t be featured before the August issue next month. But here’s this month’s issue, be it a tiny bit delayed. writes:

Welcome to the late July issue Truckin’. I was away on a writing assignment in Las Vegas and I apologize for the delay. After a series of (rare) on time issues, we have our first delayed one of the year. But hey, it’s only delayed by two weeks!

This issue features a couple of veteran Truckin’ authors such as Change100 and Clay Champlin. Dingo returns with another sordid Las Vegas take and I’m happy to introduce Johnny Hughes to the mix.

Truckin zine

Snapshot by
Some people find the truth in photographs. It’s a person’s soul captured at one moment in time and space. The picture cannot lie like a human can. A couple of months ago, I sorted through an old box and I came across an envelope with several photos of a trip that I had taken to New Orleans…

Hard Luck Harry and the Owl by Johnny Hughes
Harry believed in luck more than any gambler you have ever met. If the Cowboys lost in the final seconds of a football game, Harry thought it was because he’d spilled the salt shaker at the Truck Stop…

Decades by
I turned 10 in Belmar, New Jersey. My grandfather had fallen ill and my mother decided to move my sister and I out there with her for most of the summer of 1987 so she could take care of him. The three of us squeezed into the pullout couch at night in the living room of my grandparents’ doublewide trailer on Route 71…

Bingo by
I developed a hatred for bingo at an early age. In third grade we played every Friday. Sister Mary Grace would give each kid a bingo card, and a handful of dry navy beans that she kept in a Folgers can, to mark the cards…

Randi the Schizo Hustler by Dingo
Randi had a thick eastern European accent, straight blonde hair and a mischievous smile. Tatyana wore her hair in waves/curls and was very serious and often depressed. She would cry about nothing in particular and from the whopper stories she told and her sniffling I concluded Twin 2 was a heavy coke head…

Phew! Check out that last one by Dingo from NYC. It’s an instant classic.

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