Sigg3 dot net re-released!

Yep! It’s for real this time!
Thanks alot to the people at Boardom for helping me out with all the errors that I’ve caused in this beautiful system:)

What is new for you?
– A little adjustments to the design itself, to make it more readable.
– A built-in search engine (temporarily just for, this page)
– A tottally new archive system with calendar aso.
– Tighter security for us all, steadier uptime:P

Last night I became aware that Salangen WebDesign‘s homepage is down for the moment, but our guy at Artic Hosting promised us to have it up and running as soon as possible.

I’ve been turned down on two of the two jobs I’ve applied for, so here I go again trying to get a new one. A real drag, but it has to be done…

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