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While our own Norwegian princess Märtha Louise has finally come out of the closet in terms of her poor genetic heritage, and starting a holistic school to communicate with angels (don’t take my word for it), suffice to say a school for social misfits, psychiatric patients and the kind of people talking about Einstein when they have never even read it; the Danish throne has its own, new source of income:

Danish prostitute broke into the inner sanctum of Denmark's royal castle (click for big)

Apparently a Danish prostitute managed to get into the inner sanctum of Denmark’s royal castle, which is usually sealed off from the public eye. She photographed herself in a 29 picture series using the self-timing release. From what I guess, she must now be Scandinavia’s most sought-after prostitute, and they should just as well let her into the royal court.

Which brings us back home, to Norway, and our lil’ whack-job here. Ever since she married the dim-witted wannabe writer, we knew something wasn’t quite right about her. And although we, the people, appreciate her effort to partake in society it is simply way too cynical to enroll feeble minded or medicated people in a school about crap (read: communicating with angels). According to the holistic community of Norway, of which the Princess is a member, "angels" can be defined quite loosely as the common sense "intuitions". And basing a school on that is a load of capitalistic crap, just like the Church of Scientology, and you know it!

Therefore it is our, the people’s demand that you, Princess Märtha Louise either prostitute yourself and do an honest day’s work just like the hard-working individualist pictured above, or face eternal banishment from this country and a definite loss of title. You’ve stretched it, and this time you’ve stretched it too far. It is time you prove yourself worthy, biatch.

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