Random pics from my seclusion

Here they are in chronological order. The pictures are up or down depending on my cousin’s server. I had a great time, and managed to go through 95 pages despite the heat wave that struck South Norway during my stay. For a week I didn’t see any other human being than my reflection in the mirror, which was just excellent. I think this is the longest period in my entire life I have gone without even seeing a person from a distance. One day I saw a flag, meaning human presence. But at that point I had already grown a beard, and a profound contempt for civilization. So I shat in their well and never returned.
It was me, the flies, the sheep and all the figures of my imagination.

Morning dew
Ah! Fresh, morning dew. Better than whisky.

Mountain boots
Mountain boots for men.

There are many marches like this in the area..

Forest lake
..and lakes too. Skinny dip, anyone?

Writing in the cabin
My night-time office

Nature imitates wallpapers
Sometimes nature’s just like a wallpaper

Sigg3 the mountaineer
The man himself, representin’ da hood in da woods.

Completely stoned
A little souvenir I carried around with me.

Writing in the cabin II
My day-time office

Forest Sunset
Sunset over the path, with shrubberies

On the lake
This is from the lake at my grandmother’s place

On the lake two
I spent all my childhood summers there

Norwegian toad
Dedicated to Jamie. I almost stomped this lil’ feller.
But he was a crazy frog at that, tried to attack the camera flash.

Apple Bad Religion
Back to Oslo

The ten first pics are from the cabin or the surrounding area. Because of my self-imposed work I didn’t walk too long stretches in the day time, and at night it was pitch black. Which doesn’t really mean anything until you experience not seeing your hand held out in front of you. Combine that with a vivid imagination and you get one scared kid all alone in the woods, screaming in the dark with a pocket knife and a Maglite flashlight held at eye height X-Files style. Fear is the mind killer. All of a sudden the Blair Witch Project starts making sense. I knew I shouldn’t have seen all those zombie movies before going.. but I got through alright.
Some of the pictures are a bit dark, but I can’t be bothered. I’m still on vacation:)

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  1. Haha ok, your “night time office” is awesome. Hope all this inspires you to do some sick writing. I mean, 95 pages? Dang.

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